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Poll: how many pre-sneeze tickles abort?


Percentage of Pre-sneeze tickles becoming sneezes  

44 members have voted

  1. 1. When you feel a pre-sneeze tickle/tingle, it results in a sneeze

    • 100% of the time, or almost
    • 75% of the time or more
    • 50% of the time
    • 25% of the time
    • never or almost never
    • I never feel a presneeze tickle, I just sneeze

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This is a follow up on the posting about sneeziness. It seems that there is a big variation in the conversion rate of presneeze tickles into actual sneezes. I think most people would sometimes experience these tickles that somehow don't deliver, so most of us would be ticking boxes 1 or 2... but who knows?

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I wish I could say that every time I have a tickle I can sneeze, but that is far from the case. It seems that unless my sneezes are cat induced a tickle will result in a sneeze only about 50% of the time. I think this has to do with the mental block I used to put up.

Even with only sneezing 50% of the time, I still consider myself fairly sneezy. Imagine the possibilities! :drool:

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Wow, a lot of people so far lose the sneeze at least some of the time. I wonder if that trend will continue with more responses.

Mine's more like 90% of the time, but I put 75%.

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I very, very rarely "lose" sneezes, but I also didn't count the times when I purposely "chase" them away. So I said close to 100% of the time, but maybe I should've said closer to 75.

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Depends on whether I'm alone or not... (so whether my mental block kicks in or not). With mental block... 75-90% of the time it will go away (the odds become slightly different when allergies get involved) and without... ~25-35% of the time I think... So less than 50% of the time it will result in a sneeze, but more than 25 on average... (voted 25%)

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I replied 100% of the time, I wouldn't say every single time results in a sneeze but mostly it does. If I have false starts the sneeze/sneezes always comes back full force

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I don't feel like I can really vote in this because for me it's not consistent. I have very mild allergies during the summer and when there's a lot of pollen around like there is at the moment I would say pre-sneeze irritation only leads to an actual sneeze around 25% of the time. I realize that sounds backwards allergy-wise, but what can I say, I'm weird. The rest of the time, or if I have a cold a tickle probably results in a sneeze about 75% of the time.

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For me if I'm alone or in a place where I'm comfortable to let the sneeze out, 100% of the time a pre-tickle will bring on a proper sneeze.

But if I'm in public or I don't want to sneeze for whatever reason, then 10% of the time it will progress to a sneeze. Today at work for instance, I felt a really strong tickle and had I been alone, I would've taken a deep breath and I definitely would have sneezed, probably more than once. But because I was at work, I just willed it away and it vanished quickly, with no after effects.

Sometimes though, if I'm having a sneezy day and I ignore the tickle or will it away, I will be left sniffling and with a very itchy nose, and the tickle never goes away 100%. So it'll usually come back stronger and at some point I will let it turn into a sneeze.

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I'd say about 80-90% of sneeze-ish tickles (in private, relaxed situations that is. In public it's closer to 100%) never turn into anything more than that with me, simply through me ignoring it or my mental block cutting in. There are very few occasions when I can't help but sneeze if I don't want to and those are usually allergy or cold-related.

I'm not really sure what to vote. I think 25% seems too much but 'never or almost never' would be rather a harsh on my nose's efforts! :lol:

Having said that I'll go for that option because outside of allergy season or being sick I do hardly ever sneeze :)

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Half of the time feeling just goes away, by itself. But yes there must be a tickle before my sneeze... :wink1:

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If I'm in public, it never becomes a sneeze. Good mental block. *pats admiringly*

If I'm alone, I'd say half of the time the tickle turns into an actual sneeze.

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