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Distractions at work (M)


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So spring came and went around here, and I barely got to see or hear anything exciting on the observation front. I must admit, I was more than a little disappointed in my beloved pollen season. Until this morning, when one of my young male coworkers decided to show up to work while suffering from the most dreadful hayfever I've seen in...I can't remember how long. It was nothing short of glorious.

The boy in question is very tall and lanky, with long limbs and fingers, messy blond hair, grey eyes and a straight, slightly up-turned nose. He is eighteen (orseventeenI'mnotreallysure :)), and very sweet and gentle with both children and the elderly (We've worked at the same places both in childcare and in eldercare). As soon as he arrived to work today, he greeted me by stifling a soft “H'ngh!” into his fist, and then proceeded to sniffle his way through the entire working day. Never complaining, just visibly (and, above all, audibly) very miserable, constantly sniffling and blowing his nose, his eyes all red-rimmed and watery and his nose an almost painful pink. I was so distracted it wasn't even funny. I'm pretty sure I even gave an involuntary, lustful whimper once, when he was blowing his nose while standing right behind me, this really long, congested, gurgling noseblow that didn't seem to give him any relief whatsoever. I am so discreet. :rolleyes:

He sneezed thrice more that day so I could hear him. I was walking through a short corridor to get to the kitchen when I heard him just around the corner, sneezing a rather wet-sounding “H'tSSCHhh!” A second later, when I rounded said corner, I found myself face to face with him and his absolutely helpless pre-sneeze expression, followed by another spraying “Heh'tsSSHHh!” and then a third sneeze, which I didn't see, since I had walked passed him rather quickly to hide the fact that I wanted to rub up against him right there on the spot.

Damn, the boy was just so allergic. :laugh: He made me feel like a perverted old lady (Yes, I am allowed to feel like that. He's the same age as my little brother, for god's sake...) Whenever his hands weren't occupied they seemed to go straight for his nose or eyes, rubbing and wiping non-stop. His lips were always parted; it was clear he couldn't breathe through his nose at all. One of the old ladies at our ward even asked him if he was okay, and he replied with a tired: “Pollen. Summers are pretty tough for me.”

“But isn't there any medication you could take?”

“Oh, I already took some this morning. It doesn't help much, as you can see.”

Guuhhh. :drool: I swear I was -this- close to telling him just how sexy I thought it all was. I'll pretend it was because I wanted to make him feel better. Gawd.

Okay, I'm done. :)

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“Pollen. Summers are pretty tough for me.”

The poor thing is suffering! :lol:

He needs cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles.

I agree, lots of cuddles; lovely observations, thanks for sharing.

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Boo to an uneventful spring! It seems like this was Mother Nature's way of making it up to you.

He sounds adorable. :laugh: I love them lanky. That pre-sneeze face sounds amazing. :lol: Don't worry, I would have been just as indiscreet. :laugh: I probably would have started sobbing from the beauty of the situation.

The cherry on top is the fact that his medication doesn't seem to be working. I do feel kind of bad for him... but hopefully this means more obs to share. :hug:

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Can I work with you?


:laugh: ... :blushing: ... :lol:

That sounds like a... very lovely day. :blushing: Poor boy though. :hug: Thank you lots for sharing. :laugh:

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Wonderful obs - isn't it great when the sneeze drought breaks!

Thanks for sharing the experience with us (including the real oldies!)

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:drool: :drool: :):boom:

Does your place have a security camera you can rig up to a live feed for those of us not as lucky as you?! ;)

Thanks for sharing!

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Does your place have a security camera you can rig up to a live feed for those of us not as lucky as you?! wink.gif

Oh yes please? :drool:

Sounds like reeeaaallly cute B)

I think I would have melted, your self-control is stunning!

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Mmmmm, lovely! I'd also like to add myself to the list of people who'd like to work with you and this young man! Thanks for sharing! :D

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:cryhappy: This...is a masterpiece!!!!


Good Lord. Is it hot in here? I can't even...no words...yum!!!!! :bleh:

Poor boy, though. :evil:

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