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Wow, you have talent :bday: Very nice! I love the colours and generally vibrancy of the art. Thank for sharing! :laugh:

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Very very very well done! :> I like your style! :bday:

Dat nose, >:] I love the last one!

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Such a pretty, pretty man. I love that last picture, it rubs me in all the right ways. <3

Thank you for sharing your work!

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Hoo, that is not bad. That is really not bad at all. That is rather gorgeous, actually. He looks quite regal somehow. Does he have a name?

NICE. :)

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the red nose and cheeks are the best :) you definitely have talent so keep sharing plz!

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Thank you again for all the comments! :naughty:

@Maru-chan, no, he doesn't. It's just a random bish. :laugh: But giving him a name is a good idea. Maybe I'll think about it.

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How cute! Your style is consistent and the piece came out so nice. I love how he gets upset at the end, it's such a cute touch! :wub:

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Uh, one of my latest work. :shy: It's very sketchy but I don't have a lot of free time now. ;) I hope you will enjoy this modest picture. It's just a random bishie.


WHAT? You call that sketchy? Pah! if I could do that and be sketchy I'd be rich!

That was great! Love the last pciture best... what he says kills me... just one word... but when you say it after a sneeze... its just hilarious! I love! ^_^


I'm new! Nice to meet everyone!

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You know what that kid looks like? I just realised. He looks like Lestat from 'The Interview with the Vampire' (the film). Only your bishie has even better hair. :D

(I hope you're not miffed by my comparison... I do think it's Tom Cruise's only decent best role. :D )

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@The Cracked Egg and RoyalFlush, thank you a lot! :unsure:

@Maru-chan, it's a great compliment, thank you! :blushing:<_< I love Lestat as a character. I also think that it's absolutely Tom Cruise's the best role. :heart: The Lestat from the movie surpassed the literary original, I dare say.

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