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Oh gawd.

I normally don't consider myself allergic. I mean sure, sometimes when I play with my grandma's dog and he licks me all over my face, it gets itchy and my eyes water. But sneezing? Very rarely. I cannot NOT play with her dog, it's soooooo cute. Round, small, fluffy, white, and FAT. I'd swear it's one of the cutest dogs ever. (imagine like this except fat). I get to play with him normally once a week.

And if I ever sneeze from colds or allergies, it's normally a quick double, sometimes a triple. But I hardly ever, ever, ever sneeze more than 3 in a row.

But today, I don't know WHAT happened.

It started off with a very slight itch, just annoying enough to pay attention to my nose. I was helping my grandma and didn't want to sneeze just yet. I don't have a problem sneezing around family, but this is grandma and I didn't want her to think I'm sick when I know it's her dog. So I set my lips, and surprising myself, the feeling went away!

A few minutes later my nose started dripping. I successfully sniffed it discretely. But then about half hour after that, it started running. And when I say running I actually mean sprinting. Maybe gushing. But anyways, without purposefully trying to be graphic, huge globs of hot liquid started streaming down my face. I barely had time to rush and look for something to catch it! Luckily my grandma was not looking in my direction!

I couldn't find a single kleenex box in her house so I grabbed a napkin from the kitchen and then snuck outside. I didn't blow but managed to wipe up the mess. I rubbed at my nose roughly though, a mistake, and that promptly caused the itch to return. And then the sneezes started. 6 very itchy, loud, and very wet sneezes with about 4 seconds of desperate hitching breaths between each. I can't really spell my own sneezes, but it was like Haeisheew! heh-hh-h'hehisheew! hehhh'h'heeh-hekshew! The sneezes were so wet, I couldn't even catch it all in the napkin. I couldn't believe that the sneezes didn't stop at 3, my breath kept hitching and the itches didn't go away until I sneezed 3 more in an almost identical set with all the hitching involved.

I blew my nose then, and managed to sniff carefully. Although the itches hadn't gone, I cleaned up enough to finish helping my grandma with chores. My nose continued to run in a constant stream, but I kept my face away from her so she didn't notice. After I was done, I wiped up well enough and properly said my goodbyes to her and to her doggy then was out the door.

Driving to work with an itchy nose made me envision what I would say if I were pulled over by a cop for distracted driving, it was worse than talking on a cell. "I'b sorry officer, I couldn't stop sndeezing."? Full itchy sneezy sets of 6 or 7 throughout the entire drive. I don't even remember sneezing a 7 before. I only had a small stack of McD's napkins in my car (I'm not a sneezy person). I kept a napkin to my nose for at least half the ride. My wheel got a good dose of spray. My eyes were streaming. Heh-hehh'h'heeh-heksiew!!

By the time I arrived at work, the sneezes had dwindled off. Although they were still coming, it took a lot more effort to get one out. I was determined to get the sneezes out before I started so I hung around outside purposefully hitching and rubbing harshly at my nose to get those last sneezes out. eh... hehh... ehheh...rubrub... eeh'heeh-hekshiew!. It took me about 10 minutes before I actually went in.

My nose dripped like a faucet all during work. It came out like water, literally. If i leaned forward, it would drip on my arm. If I leaned back, it'd run down my lips and to my chin. I spent those 3 hours catching dripping water and hoping no one noticed. It was a looong 3 hours.

Driving back home, I could barely stand it anymore. My nose still itched, my nose hadn't stopped dripping water. By this time, it was night and dark. In the car I felt it safe to induce and hopefully get the itching to stop. While at a red light, I took the corner of one of the McD's napkins and rolled the tip. 2 seconds after I inserted it into my nose, I exploded. I never felt my nose react like it did.Ever. I sneezed 10 times straight with a bare second between each. Hekshew!heishew!he'h'hekshew! I was still sneezing by the time the light turned green. Belatedly I realized inducing and driving just do not mix. Don't drink and drive little ones.

By odd luck, there was no other cars around or behind me. I finally got my nose under control and drove home safely with the napkin held against my nose the entire drive. The itches stopped (thank God!) but my nose kept dripping water. Even as I type this 3 hours later my nose had not let up dripping. My sneezes reverted back to triples and I filled the entire basket with tissues. I think I may have one last sneeze, but it's... uh... just not coming.

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snuffles - Oh my goodness! What a day you had, especially considering that never happens to you..to be that allergic and to sneeze that often! I hope you're feeling better now? Thanks for sharing. :lol:

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Wow - that sounds like a pretty intense day :D Somehow, the added danger of sneezing while driving made this obs even better... OK, maybe thats just me :drool:

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That sounds like a very... unusual day. Hope you didn't feel too bad because of it. And uhm... bless you. :D Thank you lots for sharing.

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Bless you!!! I hope your feeling better now from your allergy, but wow that was a awesome obs to read. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Yum, even if awkward. How wonderful to discover that you can have a sneezy allergy after all; and then, when inducing just becomes imperative, ten in a row? All you have to do is isolate the sneezy parts, and then...what larks!

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Your nose running like that is incredibly gross...and by gross i mean AWESOME. What a strange random allergy attack...I'm not really into female sneezing but this story is really good, and well written. :drool:

Ahh those hitching teasing sneezes!!!

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Wow. Blessings, dear. This was... unspeakably fun for me to imagine.

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That was an amazing experience. Thank you for rendering it so vividly for us. :D It makes me wonder if you can make it happen again. :zippy:

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Thank you to all for the blessings ^_^ And yes, the sneezing I don't mind, but the water-nose-dripping is quite a pain.

I saw my grandma and her doggy yesterday but without the same reaction :) I didn't get to play with him as much however. I noticed when I left her house my nose began to itch slightly but no sneezes.

Also I think that day she hadn't bathed him for a couple weeks.

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Your nose running like that is incredibly gross...and by gross i mean AWESOME.

LOL! Yes!

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