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Self ob in a car


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Alright so i was in the car with my best friend S, My other friend who's also S, J, and s's brother R. So anyway it was like around 8pm we got in the car. J and I decided to go on 1 roller coaster one more time. We did and then i went ot get an airbrush tattoo :). Anyway the park was closing at 8. and the rest of our friends were in the parking lot waiting for us. On the walk there i felt a light tickle in my nose...it started to get a little stronger but not enough to sneeze. It was pissing me off lol Anyway me and J get in the car. My hair was wet from the water rides and S just had to put the a.c. on in the car. I guess the change in tempurature caused my nose to get all runny. Which it never did. And then that tickle came back stronger and i just couldn't sneeze. So i looked into my phone light and i sneezed. Now here's how it all went down from there:

Me: Ha-chxx (i think i half stilfed it)

J:Bless you

Me: thank you

(Literally like 15 seconds later i sneezed again to my surprise..i always sneeze in singles O_O)

Me: Ha-MPH (it was stifled this time)

J: Yo stop sneezeing :drool: and what the hell was that?

Me: what do you mean

J: You just held it in. I hate that. My brother does that..it's like seriously let it go what's the big deal (at that point i was thinking "I have to meet this brother of his :)

Me: *secretly freaking out at the sneezy convo* I don't know hehe..

J: it sounds like you're trying to beat box *imatates the way i sneezed*

Me: oh shut up xD

And basically like half the car ride home he kept fake sneezing the same way i did the 2nd time. I was annoyed at him but not really annoyed as i should of been since it was cute the way he was doing it xD

But back to the actually sneezing, Im so proud of myself for sneezing more than once xD

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You would have had no complaints from me for holding your sneezes in - they sound very cute from your description

Bless you


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Haha thanks guys.

Yeah it was kind of awkward but cute at the same time lol

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Congratulations on sneezing more than once haha! ;D And bless you (x2), and congrats on the sneezy convo as well B) And thanks for sharing!

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