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Itchiest nose EVARRR

March Hare

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Guh, I've picked up a virus-like lurgy thing somewhere. Woke up with a sore scratchy throat two days ago, and been ever so slightly under the weather since. Still not many sneezes though, I'd say four to six a day. Some induced because when I have a cold, they more often than not refuse to come through, but the itch drives me up the wall. In fact, my nose has been terribly itchy for most of today. I've had to stifle my sneezes into weird sounds for fear of messing the place up... but when I do allow myself to sneeze full out they'll sound something like "HehhTSSHIEH!" or "HehECCHUHH!"

Geuhhh itchy nose >.<

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Well indeed! That sounds so damn hot. I wish it was me. Or better still, I wish you were here in a room with me inducing away and spraying your delicious coldy viruses all over the place awful, I hope you feel better soon!

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:P I love you all!

Ladies, we need a slumber party. :heart: I could do with some hot chocolate and a Snuggie and lots of hugs and sloppy makeouts PEPPERED with inducing and all that in your excellent company. :lol:

Damn sneezes still won't... come... out. :lol: So I have to force them out with the tissue point. And then they AehhEDSCHUHH! make my nose itch even more >.<

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Golly...gosh ^_^

That really does sound so very delightfully awfully wonderfully terribly breathtakingly frustrating awesome for you my friend :lol: Hope you feel better soon...sort of...kind of....mostly :laugh:

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It sounds remarkably like what happens to me during the sneezy phase of a cold, and since I know how enjoyable that is, I will Just say congratters; and those induced sneezes sound lovely. As for the idea of messing up the place....if only...!!

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Mmmm, the thought of those induced sneezes spraying everywhere is just :laugh:

I bet you could really use a hand tickling the sneezes out of your itchy nose...

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Alas! 'twas but a short-lived sneeziness this cold granted me. Today I was sort of embarrassed out of my last sneeze.. I was building up to the actual build-up, having got the tickle right where I wanted it... and then my man walked into the room with his arms spread for me to dance into, and I simply couldn't indulge in the sneeze! :D I had to breathe it away as though it was never meant to be. Alas. Now only the compulsive throat-clearing and slight stuffiness remain. However, when ever a tickle raises its cautious head again, I'll be sure to make the most of it!

Thanks so much for your sweetness, my friends. :);) You guys know how to appreciate a cold!

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:hug: Hope you feel better soon. :o

Gosh uhm... how uhm... delightfully frustrating. :laugh:

Aww, I'm sorry about the last sneeze. Hope he'll have better timing next time. :P

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