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For example, for me, I always enjoy reading a fic about a character I've heard of/like from a book or show or something, and lately I've been really into stories involving hiding. I'm also not as into looking at art, I prefer reading it for some reason. xD;

What about you guys? (:

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I do really like some of the art- plus Fabulously talented people.

Mmmmm.... stories ^_^ Stories are the Biggest thing for me actually- both reading andw writing (when inspiration hits). Sweetness, embarrassment, in characterness (even in originals) and decently developed characters and good story. I love really cute dialogue too, when things stike me as very genuine and as very much having the author's own unique voice I enjoy that too. (cannot tell that I am story geek, can you :lol::laugh:)

Certain .wavs ... although really only a couple that I really like. And let's see... well... there is one other thing that is particularly a favourite thing of mine, but... mentioning without feeling the need to hide may not be possible. :cryhappy::heart:

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I'm a huge fan of original fiction, because I can't always follow along with the fanfiction! :D

And the art section is just filled with talented people so anything goes <3

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Original, female, allergy fiction, well-written with good characters. I'm a sucker for interesting characters.. and good descriptions of allergic misery never fails to please me.

Not very into art, though. I don't know why. There are tons of amazing artists here, but I guess I've just never been a "visual person", so to speak.

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What I like about stories is, they give much more detail about how the person is sneezing, why they are sneezing and how they feel about it. I like pics to, it's just sometimes just looking at a pic doesn't give the description of the tickle in the nose, how many times they have sneezed, how powerful the sneeze is and so on. A story can put an even more vivid pic of someone sneezing into the mind than a pic.

I am not dissing pics, I love them :) I also draw them, just sometimes a story gives you more of what you are looking for :)

I love a good plot, that combines a good plot for the story and a fetish plot; like the plot being about a guy who becomes a super hero from getting into radiation, developed by some scientists; the fetish plot being that the radiation causes him to have sneezing fits everytime he goes near a car. I also like romance, where the sneezer is involved or interested in someone or something. Maybe somewhere in the story the sneezer gets taken care of and stuff is good too. There is a lot of things fetish wise that make a good fetish story, but it varies in who is the reader as well.

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Original male allergy fiction all the way for me. Sadly, I'm very, very, very picky about fetish fiction, and as a result often prefer looking at art. There I also perfer male, and allergies, but in the end I'm much less picky about fetish art.

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Though I've starting getting more into Obs, it's always been the Stories for me. The written word can describe the most impossibly ticklish fantasy in a way that just blows my mind. And if it's hot female getting the tickle, that's sheer sneezy perfection. I'm amazed at the writing talent we have on here, bringing these scenarios to life!

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Art is amazing, and there are some incredible talented people on here! In general though, I'm so picky I prefer to read and imagine the characters myself.

My favorite elements actually contradict a bit, though they can be combined--I've seen some people pull it off :whip:

I love it when the character enjoys sneezing. LOVE IT. Just flips all my switches.

I also love it when the character *needs* to sneeze, but has to hold it back for some reason. That struggle and desperation just...guh. Makes me all melty. Sneezing while hiding is obviously a HUGE thing for me, but there are other good reasons for this as well.

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Fiction is and always will be my favourite, but some of the artists here push all my right buttons, as well!

I especially enjoy a piece of good hard-snarky slash fic, the kind with lots of angst and anger and arguments. Fluffy romance is nice too, but it HAS to have humour, and be at least moderately well-written. I'm incredibly picky and critical of what I read, and expect others to be the same about what I write.

As far as the fetishy aspect goes I'm not that picky. I love the unadulterated pr0n with a fit in every paragraph, and I also love the subtly worked-in cold or allergy with only a few well-timed sneezes here and there. Plot or no plot is not overwhelmingly important, as long as I like the characters.

Nice topic :(

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I like original fiction, but I'm really picky too. I prefer to read about female characters, in 3rd person, with lots of description of the characters and, most importantly, the build-ups. I like every minute detail to be included, not for it to skip straight to the sneeze. Also, i tend to get bored if there's quite a lot of plot in between the tasty bits :(

When it comes to art, I would love the work on this site even if there was nothing sneeze-related in it.

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