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One of the main reasons I was excited to start highschool is because of the big classes, which means there are multiple opportunities for sneezing. Today I was in my third period Algebra class. Nothing happened until the class was three-quarters over. A boy two seats in front of me sneezed. I think it sounded something like "Ha-chhhh." And like, eight people blessed him. Five minutes later another guy sneezed a double, like "Ha-etchoo! Hetchoo." Same thing, a chorus of blessings. Although I was not one of those people, seeing as I cannot bring myself to do it. Anyway, it was very nice. I'm excited and anxious to hear more from my classmates, the cute ones in particular! :D

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Ugh! This is my worst nightmare as a teacher ... I HATE student sneezing.

I can appreciate how wonderful it must have been for you! When I was in school I loved hearing classmate sneezes. I wish I could pass all school time sneezes your way ...

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