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First Art Post (m)


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So this is my first art post on the forum! It's kind of nerve-racking, but I wanted to do it anyways. I don't know much about posting the image properly, you might have to click it to enlarge it or something along those lines. xD;

Basically, these are two of my characters, who I will just call C (boy) and K (girl) for now because I haven't fully decided on their names yet. I couldn't decide on a style to draw them in, can you tell? x); The top two images were just for fun (and give you a better idea of the character's relationship, I guess), and the bottom two are on-topic. C doesn't like sneezing in front of people and is trying not to, basically. xD; I wasn't ready to add words but I think this is good enough for my first time. Hope you guys like it! (:

EDIT: Also, in the first picture, C and K are probably 6 or 7, but after that I drew them where they're about 14 or 15.


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Haha thanks guys! I wasn't sure what kind of comments I'd be returning home to, but I'm pretty pleased. ;D xD

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Your style is positively adorable. Haahh, I love how annoyed he looks in the last picture... *coo* <3

Moar? :zap:

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Awwwww they're so CUTE. :D As others have said, you have an adorable style and I can't wait to see more!

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