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Dean and Sam Cold.


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HEY THERE :laugh:

just thought i would crawl out of my rock where i have been lurking reading all your wonderful Spn stories to type this 2 part cold!fic.

This is my first fic and sorry if it's sucky i just felt like typing it.....

So anyways first we have sammy:


Dean rubbed his eyes and rolled over, confused in his sleepy state to where the noise was coming from.


“Sam?” Dean mumbled sleepily trying to figure out where he was. His back ached like hell and his face was schmushed up against the window of the Impala. That's right, he thought, we roughed it in the Impala...again. He screwed up his face against the light that was flooding the dashboard and shrank back under his leather jacket.

“Ha-nxxxxchu” Sam tried to stifle the sneeze so as not to wake his sleeping brother. He must be coming down with a cold or something. Dammit and he had tried so hard to stay healthy. The first stop today would definitely be the health store for cold medicine.

“You alright Sammy?”

Sam snivvled in reply and rummaged around in his pockets for a tissue. Dammit why did him and Dean never have tissues? They were so unprepared because neither of them ever got sick. He rooted around in the backseat of the Impala until he found a crumpled, screwed up tissue underneath the backseat, covered in lint and dust. He screwed his nose up in disgust.

“Ew. Why the hell is there a gross old tissue underneath the seat Dean?”

“I dunno Sam why don't you ask it”

Urgh. No way was Sam using that. He'd rather take his chances with the runny nose thanks. As he lent back in the seat he sighed and rubbed his nose miserably. His face screwed up as he felt the incessant tickle in the bridge of his nose. He snapped forward with a powerful,


“Yea Sammy I think you might be sick”


3 days later and a lot of cold medicine later, Sam was lying with his head on Dean's shoulder as Dean was trying to drive. Sam wasn't in the most convenient position and DAMN his big moose head was heavy on Dean's shoulder.

After a while Dean pulled over the car and sat waiting for Sam to sit up. His eyelids drooped and he fell asleep.


He was dreaming about Wendigo's. And Dean. Him and Dean hunting a Wendigo at Blackwater Ridge in the forest. Running through the trees following scratchmarks, and the trees were flashing past and turning

and turning

and turning

and Sam was falling

and falling

and BANG

he sat up with a jolt. Realizing he had been sprawled out on Dean's lap, Sam edged back into his seat and stretched. Headache was all but gone and he could breathe a little easier. All in all he would say he was recovering.

Dean snuffled softly in his seat and turned over.






Dean sat bolt upright and smacked his head on the car roof. Grunting he rubbed the sore spot and swore.

“Jesus Sam you nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Yea whatever Jerk I'm driving, you can sit in the back”


But Dean crawled over into the backseat anyway.


none of the characters in this belong to me and neither does supernatural....i can only wish.

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What a great way to crawl out of your rock! Was Patrick there? B)

ahah, this is so cute, and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

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SUPERNATURAL! ;) YES! :) Oops! I think I just exploded! :D Great chapter! Update soon!

BYE! :)

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Guhhh, the idea of very-sneezy-Sammy trying not to wake up Dean in the beginning, with no tissues for his poor nose. :) I also love the image of Sam with his head on Dean's shoulder. Awesome start!!!

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