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I <3 Math...even more now!


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I'll get to the I'm going insane part later but I have obs with my math teacher her name is Ms. C and she's in her early 40s I'd say dark brown hair, brown eyes, idk how tale (I'm bad with guessing as you know) any way she was helping me with a math problem she turns and I'm like oook then she sneeze "haTCHOO! heATCHEW!" I blessed her she apologized and said, "Allergies...ugh..." (me: ALLERGIES! :drool: ) any way she helped me blah...blah...blah and I'm going insane because I have this strange thought that my AVID (Advance Via Individual Determination) class has a sneeze fetish because she talks a lot about allergies and sneezing. Like on Monday we were talking about the three little pigs (very long story) and she like "well the 2nd pig didn't want to make his house out straw because he had hay fever" then she talked about her brother's hayfever and then she read the story about the the big bad wolf having a cold...so yeah I'm going insane :wub:

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