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Yu Kanda and the Hidden Enemy (D. Gray Man)


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Ok, this guy is awesome. We did a trade over DevianART, he's such a good writer!!!! Three more are coming! :)

Request 1: Yu Kanda and the Hidden Enemy.

WARNING! I have no idea what this show is, but thank goodness for Wikipedia. It not only showed me what this character looks like, but it told me about his personality and that he fights enemies with a huge sword. I hope the person who requested this likes this…well, here goes!

"I AM SICK OF THIS! You better let me out of here…" Kanda, severely wounded from the battle from an enemy called Skinn, Bolic. Kanda was so wounded that the last thing he remembers was fainting from the exhaustion from the fierce battle…and the cold snow falling over him. His shirt had been torn to shreds, so the snow was blistering cold and made him even more vulnerable to the attacks…and now he was in the infirmary, his long black hair was covering his face because he was tossing and turning trying to get out of the infirmary. One strand of his long hair got sucked inside his nose and lightly brushed the inside of it, causing him to stop moving. "Heh…heehh…AH…ACHOOO!!"

Hating himself, the searing pain spread all over his body as he tried to get up from his bed. General Tiedoll ordered him to stay in bed. "Young exorcist…you are not well…you must rest." The general may have ordered him, but his eyes showed compassion and worry as he looked at Kanda's wounds. Suddenly, a girl around the same age, maybe a year or 2 younger, burst into the infirmary doors. She looked around in horror as she saw more than one exorcist hurt and severely wounded. Her short hair made her look tomboyish, but she was a sweet girl and cared deeply for her friends…and they had all been wounded because she had gotten herself kidnapped.

Whispering to Gneral Tiedoll, she looked onward and saw that Kanda was awake and everyone else was asleep. Rushing over to him, she cried into his body, wetting his hospital cloths with her many tears. "I…I'm so sorry Kanda! I didn't mean for this to happen!" Kanda's eyes betrayed him, showing compassion…for about 2 seconds. Quickly regaining control of himself, all he said was "you shouldn't have gotten kidnapped in the first place. All what matters is that we're all still alive…but it was clo…close…"

Both Tiedoll and Lenalee (the girl's name) looked at him in confusion. It took them a while, but the familiar twitching of the nose, the look of helplessness in his eyes, and the sniffing he was doing every few seconds showed that he was trying to fight back a sneeze. Tiedoll himself had never seen or even heard Kanda sneeze, not in all his time as an exorcist…and for that matter, neither did Lenalee. Both of them couldn't help but stare as Kanda tried to fight back the sneeze for a whole 2 minutes before he finally couldn't stand the tickle anymore. "AAACHOO! S…stupid nose…why is thi…thi…AAPSHO! AAPSSSOOO!! A…ah…a…humph…it's gone now." Lenalee knew that this was a lie. Kanda's nose was turning a shade of red, his cheeks too were showing Tiedoll and Lenalee that sure enough, the mighty exorcist Kanda, the one who was the cold, hard, and sometimes even the most powerful exorcist of them all, was coming down with a cold.

Lenalee blushed. She had never seen him look so helpless before in all her time being with him…and she giggled as he rubbed his nose and sniffed. Grinning slyly, her cheerfulness and her nice attitude both being overcome with curiosity, she pulled out one of Kanda's long strands of hair that had fallen out when he was sneezing. The long black hair was thin, too thin for Kanda to see. Lenalee waited for the right moment to pounce…and then she tickled Kanda's nostrils with the tip of the thin hair.

Kanda was shocked. He hated to sneeze in front of people. It showed weakness! HE WAS NOT WEAK! Trying to move, his body protested every move he made. Tiedoll couldn't help but laugh as Kanda's face went from shock to utter helplessness. This laughter just made Kanda even more determined not to sneeze in front of them, and he said "You think this is funny? When I get out…when I g…get outta…ah…he-he-here I'll…I…ah…Ahhh…"

His face moved as he tried to speak, making the single long hair go deeper into his nose and tickling the deeper parts of it. Lenalee let go, knowing that she had gone a little bit too far with trying to see Kanda show weakness. "I'm sorry Kanda! I didn't mean to make you suffer like this. It just made me curious how helpless you looked. I'm usually the one to have that look and…"

She stopped as he saw Kanda's nose stop twitching. While she was talking, he had pulled the long hair from his face and it stopped the tickling in his nose…but now that tickle was stuck. The helpless look on his face as he tried so hard to sneeze, no longer caring about sneezing in front of them…he just wanted the tickle to go away…made Tiedoll roll over laughing so hard. Getting up, Tiedoll pulled out a quill that had a large feather on the end of it and stroked the feather back and forth from Kanda's nose. The twitching returned, this time being much quicker. Lenalee saw his eyes getting teary as the tickle became greater and the sneeze finally burst out of him. "AAPSHCOOO!! ASCHOO! A…AH…APSISHKK…sniff…"

Tiedoll had let go of the quill, but that wet sniff brought the feather of the quill right in front of his nostrils, making the tickly strands of the feather brush right in-between each nostril and making the sneezy feeling return again. This time, Kanda's resolve was iron-strong again, but even he couldn't help it…the overly sensitive nose was now too powerful to overcome as each time he tried to breath the air from his mouth and nose made the urge to sneeze intensify. Finally, after 30 seconds, his breath hitched. "Heh…ah…AH…AAPSHISH! APSHOO! A…AACHOOOO!" This last sneeze did the trick, making the tickle disappear entirely. Before any more tickles could come back inside his nose, Tiedoll forced a powerful medicine down his throat and Kanda swallowed it. It was an incredibly bitter medicine that was proven to make one fall asleep…and sure enough, Kanda fell asleep 5 seconds after he swallowed the medicine. Lenalee glanced at Tiedoll, worried that she had done something wrong. "Don't worry about it Lenalee. He will be fine…by the time he wakes up, his cold will be over along with his injuries. It's remarkable how fast he heals…just remember this. Kanda can feel weakness, just like you and I…he's just much better at blocking it than we are. Also…that sleeping medicine will make him forget this whole thing. He won't remember himself sneezing like that…and he won't think that he got sick with a cold either. He will return to his normal stubborn cold self…and things will go back to the way they were."

He led the girl outside, back out of the infirmary to let the injured rest…but one person was awake. Lavi, another exorcist, was busy covering his intense laughter. He had seen the whole thing…and he couldn't help but laugh. Finally, after both of them had left, he said "so…even the pretty character guy can show weakness like this…I'll keep that in mind." Once again laughing, he went back to sleep, he too needed to recover.

It's so awesome!! :wub:

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Very cute!! I'm always a sucker for those stories about a guy trying not to show their weakness. xD Loved it!

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though you didn´t know d.gray-man you just wrote kandas characters VERY WELL!!! :rolleyes:

thanks for sneezyKanda :hug: !

i would be happy like Midnight88 if next one would be allen :wub:

but i think sneezyLavi would be also WONDERFUL!!! :lmfao:

please more^^

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Thanks guys!! But I didn't write this. Like I said, I did a trade with shyguy280 on DA. The other three were Sesshomaru from Inuyasha, Sebastian from Kuroshitusji, and Third from Jyu Oh Sei. XD Sorry.

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