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My OCT submission sneezes.


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What the title says :P

I am in an OCT (Origional character tourniment) and I have made it to round 3!... So far, my character has fought a Proxy human named Break, and "Death the Emo Suicidal Grim Reaper". And now, I'm up agenst a thunder elf named Frans. But, in round 2 vs Death, it was POURING rain, which I simply used to further what little plot I have. But my character took off his jacket, because he didnt kill his opponent, but just knocked her out, and blocked her more or less from the rain as a sign of kindness. ...So that got me thinking-- Why not give him a cold in the next round to make this more interesting :twisted:

Sound like a good plan Y/N?

I put this in the Artwork section, because once I finish the comic, I will probably post it here to show if you all want to see :)

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