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First Obs in a while! (m)


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I found a new sneezyfriend last night, it was really odd and random, but soooo awesome! I had this cutie stay the night with me and I was carressing his face a little, and he seemed to really like when I rubbed his nose, so I was just playin with it a little and my finger ended up poking in a bit and he seemed to not mind/like it a lil. It ended up getting to the point that I was actually tickling my fingernail on the inside and he started making sneezyfaces and he still seemed to not mind at all, never asked me to stop or anything, just kinda smiled and hitched his breath. After a minute of beautiful presneeze face, he finally sneezed once, a strong, damp 'HESSCHUUH!', turning to try not to hit my hand and it was super cute, then he sneezed another 'NTSCHUUH!' right into my palm, letting me cover it for him! o///////o

We were just cuddlin a bit after and I don't remember exactly how it came up but I admitted that I had the fetish and he was like, yeah... you seemed to like that, and he didn't mind at all, so I did it again in the mornin and then... stuff :P

I have a -bunch- of stories from the last year that I'm considering sharing but... I'm kinda lazy, we'll see. I've been quite the lucky sneeze fetish boy :twisted:

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Just an update ^^ We spent the night together last night and apparently he thought it was really exciting the first time... he just about forced me to induce him again! I think I've created a fetishist :rolleyes:

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I'm glad you guys liked ^^ I'll keep ya posted on this one and try to recall/write up a couple of my other experiences :3

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Ahahahaha... the FUN :mellow:

You're one lucky bastard and it's wonderful! I'd LOVE to see some more stories if you like to write them down (which I know is a lot of work...)! :lol:

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