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Supernatural - Story idea :-S


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Here's a little idea for a story thats been going round in my head. Wouldn't mind some feedback/thoughts before I started writing since fanfiction isn't my normal area of expertise and I wouldn't want to do Sam and Dean an injustice. :) Let me know what you think!


Dean hears Sam sneeze for the first time since they reunited after Stanford and this reminds him of the beginnings of his sneeze fetish when they were kids. He has a flashback to when Sams allergies developed when he was 7 and Dean was 11. At the time Dean felt embarrassed as Sam was never self conscious about his loud sneezing whereas Dean always made sure he sneezed quietly. Sam has an allergy attack and it is revealed that he has kept this open attitude to sneezing to this day, while Dean's fetish is as strong as ever. Sam sneezes all day and provides a constant commentary (in typical moany Sammy style!) which drives Dean insane since hes trying very hard not to crash the Impala due to his ever increasing sexual frustration.

Whaddya reckon? B)

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Sam plus Dean plus slash plus sneezekink equals, I would definitely definitely read that. Doooo eeeet!

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