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Umm... I kinf of started doodling this thing when I saw one drawing of this beautiful elf... Maww... Anyways... Umm, five things, species, what ever that I prefer in fetish fictiona nd art..? xD I would have put there a reaper just for the sake of certain manga/anime characters, but... *shrugs*

What ever, here:



Right, right, right... The first two are just some random characters, the third one (the one on the second row on the left) is Ash from the Tarot Café, or at least tries to be as I can't draw him. He looks originally more like this. The one next to him is Mephisto from Ao no Exorcist and the fifth one is Rin from the same series. So obviously I don't own them (disclamer, lol).

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Aww, thank you. (:

And and and... Ao no Exorcist is somewhat... Addicting. xD So yes, I'm watching it as well, Ciuty80, my friend got me into it (wasn't all too hard, all she had to do was mention the words "the main character is the son of Satan" and I was like "yea, sure I'll watch it!"). Though as I drew two characters from it, all this info might not come as a surprise... xD

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