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A couple school obs


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Can you get a heart attack from someone else sneeze?

So I have theater early in the morning (ugh.....) I love drama and most of us were half asleep since it's Tuesday then the teacher was looking up at our stage and we were looking at her back and then we all heard a loud, "YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We all jumped there was this senior T.A. that sneezed he practically gave my teacher a heart attack. Then in science was this male sneeze kind of like "heshooo!" I don't know who. Also my friend M was rubbing her nose then she said, "My allergies are bothering me..." :lol: she was rubbing her nose and said, "I just want to sneeze, let everyone laugh and get it over with..." she never sneezed :blushing: I think there's gonna be more obs later because lots of people are checking colds... :blushing:

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