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*I love the band Allstar Weekend so I decided to write this :rolleyes: *

Zach porter- Lead singer (21)

Nathan Darmondy- Lead guitarist (19)

Cameron Quinseng- Bassist (20)

Micheal Martinez- Drummer (21)


It was a beautiful December morning on the Allstar Weekend tour bus. The gang looked out the window and watched as the morning sun speckled through the clouds, making the freshly fallen snow glisten. The band continued to gaze out the window, marveling at the beautiful scenery.

" Where's Zach?" Cameron asked, noticing that his friend wasn't up and causing chaos like normal. " He's usually up by now."

" Yeah," Micheal said." Maybe he wants to sleep in."

Just then they heard coughing coming from the bunks.

" I think that's Zach." Nathan said.

They listened as the thick, sickly sounding coughs harshly and loudly rumbled out of him.

" I'm gonna go check on him." His mom said. She walked over to her son's bunk and drew back the curtain.

" Zach," She said, gently shaking him. His eyes slowly opened and he looked at her. " Hey honey, are you feeling okay?"

" Huhtschooo!"

Zach sneezed into his hands and sniffed loudly. " Yeah why?"

" You sound kinda sick," She placed her hand on Zach's forehead. " And you feel kinda warm."

" I'm fine mom." He said. He swung his legs over the edge of his bed and hopped down slowly.

" Look who finally decided to get up." Nathan said.

" Hehtschooo!"

Zach sneezed into the crook of his arm and ran his nose along the back of his sleeve. Cameron raised his eyebrow.

" Dude, are you okay?"

" Yes, I'm fine." Zach responded.

" You sure?" Micheal asked.

" I'm fine." Zach repeated rudely.

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* Sorry it took so long I've been busy with cheerleading and school. But anyway, here's part 2*

The next couple hours were pretty calm. Nathan and Cameron quietly strummed their guitars while Micheal drummed his fingers on the edge of the table.

" HUHtschooo!"

Zach sneezed wearily as he walked over to join his band mates.

" Bless you." Cameron said as Zach sat down.

" Thanks." He coughed slightly before wrapping his jacket tighter around his body.

" Why do you have a jacket on?" Nathan asked.

" Yeah why do you?" Cameron asked." It's like 70 degrees in here."

" I don't know," Zach sniffed." I'm just cold." Micheal looked at him.

" Seriously?"" Okay, I'm not sick." Zach said.

" Uh hu..." Cameron said doubtfully.

" Seriously, I'm not." He protested. He tried to keep a straight face to prove his point, but a tickle in his nose had him burying his face in the crook of his arm.

" Huhtschhhh!"

" Yep, your fine." Micheal said sarcastically. Zach glared at him and Micheal smirked.

" Whatever." Zach said angrily. His friends chuckled while he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

" Anyway," Nathan said." I have the intro to the new song." He sat his giutar on his leg and played the chords to the beginning of their new song.

" I like it." Micheal said.

" I don't." Cameron said.

" Why not?" Nathan asked." It took me like an hour to come up with it.'

" It doesn't go with the mood of the song.

" I think it does." Micheal said.

" What do you think, Zach?" Nathan asked." Zach?" he looked over and saw Zach's eyes have shut and his mouth hanging open. He sat there for a moment before bringing his hands up to his face.

" Hehtschooo!"

" I think it sounds fine." Zach sniffed.

" But you don't." Cameron said.

" You guys, do you think I'm sick?"

" Because you are." Nathan said. Zach glared at him while Nathan had a huge grin on his face.

" Well I'm not."

They all just looked away nonchalantly while Zach sat there with a pissed off look etched across his face.

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