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Sick Day for Mr Stark


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Okay okay okay okay! I know I still haffta finish my Sherlock Holmes story, but this cute little idea popped into my head, and I heard that writing something else of similar nature often helps the writing process... So that's where this comes into play :lol: This is most likely a quick little oneshot, but who knows.... :rolleyes:... I obviously don't own Iron Man, Tony Stark or any related stuffs, because then this wouldn't be a fanfiction, I'd make it into a movie :laugh:


Tony stark was flying around the city late one night, testing out the new advancements he'd put on his suit. Pepper had left for the night, so he figured it was the perfect time. He was having the time of his life, too. Until the moment he had decided to try out the speed factor. He'd been going good for a few moments, and was really enjoying it. Suddenly a blue light blinked and JARVIS' voice echoed through the suit. "Palladium cells draining quickly, shutting down to store energy." "JARVIS, no, wait!" But it was too late; he was falling, unable to restart the suit.

He'd planned for everything in this suit, but what he realized as he fell was that he had not planned on crashing from 20,000 feet in the air, and had no idea what smashing into the ground at that rate would do to him inside the suit. Though he figured he would be better off inside it. His screams of terror were lost in the wind as he fell... Landing straight into the water below.


The next morning, Tony awoke in his bed to the voice of his AI. "Good morning, sir. Miss Potts has arrived and is wondering where you are. Shall I tell her your whereabouts? " JARVIS' voice was usually calm, but inside Tony's pounding head, it echoed like 200 million angry buzzing bees. He opened his mouth to respond, but was greeted with a sudden tickle in his nose. "HuhESCH!" He sneezed openly into the pillow his face was still buried in. "I'm getting up..." He mumbled, swinging his feet over the edge of the bed and letting them touch the floor, but not standing on them just yet. JARVIS monitored his heart rate and body temperature through the sensors on the floor.

"Sir, you do not appear well.. Shall I alert Miss Potts that you are ill and cancel your meetings for the day?"

"Don't be ridiculous, JARVIS. I'm fine. I just- HetCHOO!" He turned quickly and caught the sneeze in the crook of his arm. But there were still more. "HAHCHOO! HuhetchOO!" Sniffling, he put his arm down.

JARVIS once again repeated his question. "Bless you, sir. Shall I inform Miss Potts that you are ill?"

"No need." Came a voice from the doorway. Tony jumped and cringed slightly as Pepper Potts made her way to his bed and placed a hand firmly on his forehead.

"Good morning to you too, Pepper." He muttered, turning his head just in time for a quick- "HeeehSSCH!"

She half groaned. "Tony, you are really hot."

He smirked. "Well. Glad to know that you're attracted to me, Pep."

"I meant your head. You've got a fever." She stressed, "Now we'll have to cancel all your meetings, and you had a press conference scheduled for today! Oh, why did you have to get sick NOW?!"

Tony almost smiled. That was was Pepper. Always worrying about work. The tickle in his nose built again, and he barley had time to bring his hands to his face to cover the rapid sneezes that burst out. "HaCHOO! AttCHOO! 'CHOO! Hih.... HITCHEW! Ha..... HaPpTCHOO! H'PnGxNt!" Sniffling pitifully, he rubbed his itching nose with the back of his hand.

The redhead sighed and looked at her boss with pity. "Lay down..." She said quietly, pushing on his chest lightly. Once he was laying down on the bed, he looked up at her with those beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

"Pep? What are you doing? You're my assistant- HahSHOO!- not my nurse." He sniffed again and rubbed his nose once again, hoping to satiate the itch in his nose that never seemed to disappear.

"Who says I can't be both?" She half smiled and her eyes sparkled. There was no objection from Tony whatsoever as she picked up her Blackberry and started making calls, canceling various appointments Tony hadn't even remembered making. After she had finished, she grabbed the blankets, pulled them up to Tony's chest, the Arc Reactor shining through the thick material. Before leaving, she stopped and sat on the edge of the bed. "No messing with your cars today... JARVIS, I want the room monitored. Every move he makes, I want to know about." JARVIS responded positively as Tony smiled. He didn't know where this forceful streak in Pepper was coming from, but he knew he liked it. He wanted to see more of it. 'Maybe I should catch a cold more often...' He thought to himself, eyes drooping closed. Though it wasn't until he felt a soft kiss placed on his forehead that he drifted to sleep.

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Wow, thanks guys! ^^ I'm debating whether I wanna continue or not, what with the ideas once again in flow for the Sherlock Fic..... :3

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Personally, I'm more interested in seeing this fic continue. There's a lot of SH fic out there, but not a lot of Ironman stuff... Not that I'm not enjoying your SH fic either...

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