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Woman on the train (cold).


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Aaah yesterday the trains were all really delayed, so by the time I got on one home it was rather crowded, I was getting off in two stops so decided not to sit down.

However that changed pretty sharpish.

Just before the train left, a young woman got onto the train. She looked to be in her mid- late twenties, she was slim, with light blonde hair a couple of inches below her shoulders.

I noticed her as she got onto the train, her nose was rather red, and she sat down, and as luck had it there was an empty seat opposite her, so yeah I sat down.

Quite quickly she suddenly put her first two fingers into the scarf she'd wrapped around her shoulders and pinched her nose, stifling a sneeze so well it was silent and barely noticeable.

Sadly that was it in terms of sneezing, but then she quickly started rummaging around her in handbag and pulled out a packet of tissues, she rubbed at her nose with it a lot, mostly when she did this she subtly raised her newspaper up to cover her face slightly.

A couple of times she sniffled a bit, even from where I was you could hear that thick sniff of someone who can't breathe through their nose at all. Aah.

Anyway this was a pretty rubbish obs, especially in terms of sneezing, but I must say I'm a sucker for someone professional looking with a cold!

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And I'm a sucker for people struggling with colds in public places.

Nic obs! :wub:

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It sounds like a beautiful cold, and like Vetinari, I love to see people out in public soldiering on while sporting colds. I, too, would have tried to sit near, and maybe, just maybe, catch a cold of my own to show off on the train.

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