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Okay, okay! I now that I'm supposed to be working on my Supernatural story! :heart: Writer's block is such a bitch, :) don't you think? I'm sorry! Please don't yell at me! :dribble: Anyway, this has been floating around in my head for awhile :idea: so please, enjoy! I said... ENJOY! :wub: Oh! And I don't own Teen Wolf. :dribble: If I did I would have picked a much better actor to play Scott. :hug: Hope y'all realize I said better and not hotter. :lol: The actor who plays Scott has that based covered! :D Mm mm mm! :drool: And sorry for the OOCness! There's probably gonna be a lot of it! ;)


Scott couldn't remember the last time he felt this horrible. And, though he hadn't gotten sick since before his change, that was exactly how he felt now.

He looks toward Allison again. She looks beautiful, as always. Her long, black hair is swept into an elegant yet casual bun with a few curls leaking out and her brown eyes sparkle against her marble skin.

Scott bites back a groan of pain. His ribs!!! They feel as if they had be broken, trampled on. Scott holds back a violent shiver, one of desire or cold he'll never know, and steps into the classroom.


Allison feels rather than sees Scott as he enters. She looks up, towards the doorway, and what she sees startles her. Scott looks terrible!

He is pale, well, paler than usual anyway, and has dark pink splotches high on his cheeks. He has deep, purple bags under his eyes, like he hadn't slept in weeks. He has his arms crossed over his ribs, as if he is in pain, and, if she looks close enough, she can see him shivering.

He takes slow steps towards her desk. Oh god! He was going to stop in front of her! And, he does stop in front of her.

He takes a deep breath before letting out a winded and slightly raspy, "Allison-," before ding-ding-ding! the bell rings.

Saved by the bell, how cliché.

She watches as the star lacrosse player stumbles to his desk. It worries her, Scott's newfound clumsiness. He was never clumsy as far as she could tell.

As Scott stumbles her urge to get up and guide him herself is almost uncontrollable. The urge increases when Scott's foot catches a desk and he almost does a face plant into the tile floor.

Somebody behind her chuckles and she whips her head around to see who. It's Jackson. His handsome face is curved up into an ugly smirk as he chuckles airily at Scott. Allison sees red.

How dare he! Scott is sick, obviously, and maybe hurt! But then, as if she has ADHD, her attention is diverted. Jackson is rubbing his neck.... again.

And, now that she thinks about it, he has been doing that a lot lately. What is wrong? Is he hurt? Then, she hears that airy chuckle again and she's right back to seeing red.

Allison is ready to punch him. To sock? him right in the face. She's even willing to get in trouble for it. But, the math teacher hands her a piece of paper and she is forced to rein in her anger... for now.


Scott's head swims as he stumbles his way to his desk. His foot catches the leg of someone's desk and he has to grab the edge of that same desk to keep himself from doing a face plant into the tile.

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Okay, sorry! This was ment to be a lot longer but I acceidentily pressed the post button instead of the preview post button! :dribble: Don't worry though! I will update soon! :D And in my next update I might repeat this one so sorry!

BYE! ;)

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Sorry it took so long. God, I hate school! :whip:


He can hear snickers coming from behind him, but he can't tell who they are coming from. He mentally celebrates when he finally makes it to his desk.

The teacher hands him a test and he picks up his pencil 99.9% sure he shouldn't even try because he'll fail. He's been failing a lot lately.

He looks at he paper and almost gasps, but guys don't gasp so he doesn't.

Why would a pretty girl, like her go out with a loser, like you?

He knows he's hallucinating but he can't really bring himself to care. Allison is gone. Allison hates him. She'd rather have Jackson.

It's not true, he tells himself. None of it's true. Wait... what was that noise? He turns his head. The girl next to him is clicking her pen. It's annoying.

Really annoying.

Really, really annoying.

Really, really, really annoying!!!

He wants to scream; wants to grab the girl's pen and break it in two. He wants to splatter the ink all over her, just for good measure. Then, he wants to grab this damn test and rip it apart!

His head throbs to the beat of the clicking pen.

Click... click... click...

He's breathing harder. No, wait. He can't breath! His asthma hadn't been this bad before. In fact, ever since becoming a werewolf he hasn't had asthma at all, but that's irrelevant now. He. Can't. Breath!

He stands quickly, the motion making his head spin and, for a second, he feels like he might pass out or, but hopefully not, throw up. He has to get out of there. He's out of the classroom before the teacher can yell, "SCOTT!".

He runs down the hall, not caring if he gets caught or not. He makes it to the showers in 27 seconds flat. Not even James Grashy, the school's star track runner, could do that. Of course, Scott may have a small (big) advantage.

He strips down to his boxers before turning the water on full blast. The scalding water stings but it clears his mind for the moment, though it does nothing to help him breath.


He turns around to find Stiles standing there, holding his back pack, and out of breath, though no more than him.

"Can't... breath," he gasps out, and screw it, guys can gasp all they want.

Stiles gives him a calculating look and turns around to start digging in his back pack.

"What... you... looking for?" The words are raspy and almost incoherent. They hurt his throat and he doubles over, coughing into his cupped hands.

The coughs are congested and painful sounding and Stiles winces.

"Found it!" Stiles cries triumphantly, clutching a blue inhaler in his raised fist.

Stiles hands it to Scott and he immediately inhales deeply. The medicine calms him down enough to breath, though his throat still feels raw and his head is throbbing painfully.

Hiii'iih... Heh'tchxshiuu

The sneeze catches him off guard so he just aims it at the ground. It's a loud a powerful sneeze that echoes through the locker room.

"Jesus Christ!" Stiles cries, "Warn a guy next time!"

Scott looks up at Stiles with big, brown, watery puppy dog eyes and whispers a rough sounding, "Sorry." Stiles immediately feels guilty.

Scott doesn't like the tickle in the back of his throat so he tries to clear it. Big mistake. It makes him cough and they are congested, throat scrapping coughs that hurt like hell.

He suppresses the heavy coughs until he's out in the hallway. When, he can't hold back anymore. And damn, can it get any colder? He then heads off to class, shivering and coughing all the way.

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