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I think he knows...


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Well...this guy I like online...I've mentioned him on here before in a few threads...I SO want to hear / see him sneeze...

So I said a while back that I had to stop bringing up sneezing as a topic of conversation, and I just CAN'T do it!!

I think I'm SO obvious...I'm pretty sure he knows about my fetish...because pretty much every time we talk, sneezing comes up.

We are a bit odd in that we want / need to share EVERY little detail of our lives...all the boring, everyday things...because all we have is the net, so we can't SEE these little things or experience them like other people / couples do who are together in person.

So I've sneezed during some webcam clips I've done for him (just chatting, talking, etc)...and at some stage fairly recently I actually came out and said I would love to see HIM sneeze...so I could see that part of him and feel closer to him...

And he understood that, which is good, and he'd said before that when he's making dinner and uses black pepper, it often makes him sneeze. Then one time he said he'd sneezed 4 or 5 times from it, and I was like UGH!!!! SO frustrated. SO wish I could've seen it! (I didn't actually say that though)

So in one webcam video he made for me, he was making dinner and he got out the pepper and nothing happened. He said he'd hoped to get some sneezes for me, but it wasn't happening, so he apologised.

Then he said he'd get some sneezes later...and then another time he said he almost had one for me, and that he could feel it building so he turned on the camera, but it went away. So he's still trying...

He knows, right?? He must...

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I don't know if he knows exactly. Who can say? .... but from what you say, it certainly doesn't sound as if he is freaked out and feeling uneasy about chatting to someone who wants to watch him sneeze and likes to talk about it a lot.

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It sounds like he might know. Not sure if he's fully aware of the significance though. It seems like he's interested in you so he's just trying to make you happy. dont give up!

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We are an online couple. A "spiritual" couple...from many thousands of miles away...we've been together for almost 6 months now...so it's not just a case of us "liking" each other. We are in love...and so yeah, he'd want to please me...

I think he does know, sort of...cause you see, ages ago I told him I did have a fetish, but that I couldn't tell him what it was...so...yeah. lol

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Whether he has the fetish or not, he certainly sounds 'willing to indulge' shall we say :) As long as he does not seem to be obviously freaked out by it, I reckon you should see where your sneezy conversations lead...

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Hmm...I don't know...I just don't ever want to come out and blatantly SAY I have this fetish, simply because I don't want him to know beyond a shadow of a doubt in case it changes how he feels about his own sneezing...not so much MY sneezing, but HIS sneezing.

I enjoy it best when people don't think much about it...non-fetish people. I don't want him pre-occupied with thoughts of me and my fetish whenever he sneezes.

I just wish he would SNEEZE though, dammit!!!!!!!!

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Aww! :winkkiss: I certainly know what it's like to fall for someone who's very far away. It's hard to understand until it happens to you. But I hope he comes through for you soon! You'll tell us about it, if he does, yes? Good luck, Stevie

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