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Cute guy in the opticians


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I went to go and get my eyes checked. It was quite early in the morning, so I was not really looking my best! :(

We were sitting in the waiting area, when I noticed a cute guy was working there, he was around 18, 19? He looked quite young, but he did have some small tattoos on his arms, and had cool bracelets on his wrists. Dark brown hair, with one of those hot fringes. I think he had light blue eyes, but I can't be sure.. Oh and he had thick, black glasses on, you know kinda like the 3D glasses you get at the cinema. Anyway, he was cute as hell! :D <---(I swear, I'm not stalking him).

So, he walked passed us to the reception, I was talking to my dad when it happened. His back was slightly facing me, so I couldn't see the whole picture.. But, he rapidly bend from the waist down, pinching his nose with his forefinger and thumb, and stifled his sneeze. His sneeze was.. different, but I think he didn't quite stifle, because it came out in a sqweak. So cute! I think he was emabarrassed, quite he turned away from his peers.

Later on, he was checking my new glasses to see if they sat on my ears properly, so he had to tuck my hair behind my ears, AND he sniffed while he did it. I swear I nearly died! :blink:

And then he put this apparatus to my eyes, and he looked through it as well. I was so close to pulling it down, and making ours lips meet! I'm so naughty! :L

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oh my god i am just a sucker for guy stifled sneezes blowup.gifbounce.gifdrool.gifyou are one lucky girl :D

this ob just made my day :)

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