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Our whole cast is sick!


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So right now I'm in a show at my school, and I swear, EVERY one of us has a cold. Myself included, unfortunately. Thankfully though, mine isn't too bad. It started with a sore throat, but it was more of a dull ache and didn't really hurt much. Yesterday I was really stuffed up and had a bad headache because of it. But mostly I've just been sneezing a lot. So yay.

I really hate being sick, but I spend more time with these people than my own family, so it was kind of unavoidable. I was one of the last people to get it too. We don't even care anymore. We're laying on each other backstage and huddling for warmth (our auditorium is FREEZING).

The only people who seemed to avoid it are the two directors and stage manager who keep lecturing us to stay healthy even thought it's kind of too late for that :winkkiss:

I'm really not suffering too much though because my friends are going through the same thing. You know what they say, misery loves company :yes:

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Get better soon, all of you!


Plus, just try to spread illness on that stage menager... To show him he's not always right.

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Oh man, I'd love to join the cast of that show. What show are you doing, anyway? I love actor sneezes; they're so dramatic.

I have the misfortune to have a group of friends and colleagues who never share their colds with me. I haven't had a cold in a long time. A good cold would be delicious right about now.

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Oh a contagious obs. How lovely.

A good cold would be delicious right about now.

When would it not?

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aha that's really funny lol Reminds me of the time that my 2 best friends were sick at the same time and then they got me sick lol My best friend M was once over my house when we both had a cold and we did nothing but talk about school drama while laying on each other on my bed xD But that's really cute how you guys are all huddling together :( it sounds like you guys are closer than you should be with each other (physically and mentally xD)

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I'm kind if paranoid that someone I know might be on here, so I'd rather not say the show name. O.o But it's a good one :wub: today we had almost half of our cast out sick :( I hope things don't get that bad for the rest of us.

We were working scenes today and all of us had tissues in our back pockets xP

Something really embarrassing that happened: we stopped working one of my scenes to get notes for a second, and my director called out, "Hey (my name)?" right when I was in the middle of blowing my nose in the wings. O.O so I popped out and with the tissues still up to my face I said, "yeah?" so embarrassing. But he wanted to tell me that he liked what I was doing with the character :lol:

I love actor sneezes too >:) one of my friends (who was out today) kind of stifles the beginning of her sneeze the screams out this really loud, high pitched "CHEW!" She can fake them really well too. At a UIL competition we were watching this awful show and she screamed out a fake sneeze just for entertainment xD

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