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Evening at the Café...


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Where should I begin... Uhh, I don't know so "somewhere" has to be good enough and I don't know if this will get lengthy or something, sorry...

There's alot of coughing. Well there's mostly coughing. Also sniffling and nose blowing. And a mentioning of a random sneeze just to make if a bit more justified to post this in this section.

So there's this one café in my town that is run completely by volunteer workers and, obviously, I'm of the active ones doing most Friday evenings. That's the first important thing to know adn the second is the fact that R.L is visiting me at the moment - if she wasn't at the café today most of this might not have happened!

My shift had just begun ("just" maybe a bit over an hour ago) when this one guy walks. I had met him once before so most of the awkward I-don't-know-this-person-lets-act-properly-and-yey things were absent (thank the gods for that~). He came to look for our MTG players (who weren't there at the moment, lol) and when he found out of their absence he told me he that he only wanted to use the toilet. I was like "okay, sure", moved aside as I was kind of blocking the way... And all this is important because after this came the first real... evidence of something interesting happening. He coughed. Then he walked to the toilets, sniffling on his way and blowing his nose at the sink. I thought that oh well, he'll probably be leaving as soon as he comes away from there but after some time I realized he was sitting at one of the tables (coughing every now and then and sniffling a bit, but not that much at this point. Yet.), so I obviously had to go and inform R.L about him. "I think that the man with the grey hoodie might be sick", whispered in her ear... At some point, not too long after this, she told me that she thinks I might be right. At some point I told her that she should go and ask if he was alright...

Anyways, to understand the relevance of having R.L there is here: She plays MTG. She talked with him about it.

Lets skip some of the night (most, because there was only this... sitting at the table, playing and talking, occasional couching and sniffling and nose blowing from him). It was time to close the café for today. He was still there with us, chatting, talking about all kinds of things. Usually I tell everyone to leave before nine (2100, 9pm, whatever you prefer and understand) and those who are there after that have volunteered to clean up the place with me. Well, it was 10 past nine and he was there still with us... So we, R.L, the young man and I, came to a clear agreement that yes, he will stay there with us...

"I won't make you clean up this place if you stay."

"I was kind of planning to help you anyways."

What? Definitely not something I, or R.L for that matter, was expecting to hear. Wouldn't the "I've things to do so I'm leaving" or "I'll just go home" have been far more likely..? Anyways, I went there and hugged him (or rather placed my hands on his shoulders and he hugged me and I hugged back), telling him how I appreciated this. ...For obvious reasons and not only because this way there would be less work for one.

Now, I might have imagined this (most likely not) but I think here's coughing had come more frequent, and kept doing that for the rest of the evening... Becoming more frequent. Anyways, we were filling the dishwasher and doing some dishes by hand. He coughed again but this time there was this silent "vittu" (umm... would be translated as fuck) afterwards. He did this a few more times later on, half whispering the little curse word after these small fits (if that's what you should call them) of coughing.

He was filling the dishwasher (again) and this time I was standing at the door. He had just put the last glasses and mugs to the machine when he started coughing again. He coughed more than he had before (coughing-silence-coughing more-silence and so on for some time...), with a bit more power behind it... When he was finished (there was the word again, this time a clear statement, not as a whisper), he took one of the glasses I had washed earlier and apologized for dirtying it again. I just told him oh, it's alright to use it, and had taken a few steps towards the backroom when I absolutely had to stops and walk back just so I could ask him "Are you sick or is it allergies or something?"

"No, I'm just sick", he answered.

Sometime later we were all sitting in the backroom. I had just finished counting the cash and we were simply chatting there... Is it necessary to even mention I was kind of eyeing him, glancing his way, so forth, for most of the time? LoL. Anyways, at some point I went to the kitchen, calling to them that maybe we should make some tea. I don't remember what they first said, but then he was at the door (after having coughed again) on his way to the toilet, and he told that yea, maybe tea would be good because the warm liquid might make his throat a bit less sore. Now what was my motivation for asking this in the first place..? Anyways, I made us a pot of sencha, bringing it to the backroom (sencha, because R.L likes it and, as far as I know, nothing else).

This guy, let's call him P, had told me earlier (when there was still other people around and they were playing MTG in one of the tables (P included) and he was coughing quite a lot and I asked him if he liked tea) that he didn't really like the way tea tastes... It kind of seems like something changed here, between that time and the moment when I asked if I should make some tea for us... He did complain about the taste but he also mentioned that it did help a little.

Some more talking, coughing, lying on a cough (with an arm on his brow so that it shielded his eyes from the light), staring at his almost empty cup of tea. It's hard to believe how it can be so hard to decide whether or not to take the cup and go make him some more tea. Well, eventually I stood up and took his cup, telling him I was going to make him some other tea. Surprisingly he thanked me (remember now that he absolutely doesn't like tea). Darjeeling, this time, because some people have told me that it helps them if they've got a sore throat. When I came back with it he sniffed at it, telling that it smelled better than the other one... Later on I brewed some more tea, another pot for all of us (Lapsang Souchong, I recommend it).

We kept talking about anime, movies, life and what all for a few hours (I looked at the clock at some point and it was half past ten but when we left it was already almost 1am). And what all happened during that time if we concentrate just on him? First he was sitting, then lying, then sitting up again, then he had his arms on the table and head resting against them, then he was lying again, and so forth. He was coughing more than before, he was sniffling more often (and at times the sound was a bit more congested in the stuffy way), going to the toilet to blow his nose. He definitely looked more and more tired as time passed and his voice became deeper and more... worn. And he was groaning when he wasn't talking or coughing or drinking tea.

What was one of the greatest things? In stead of being like "I think we should leave, it's getting late" he was the one who kept going on with the conversation and didn't seem to want to leave (R.L, your sleepiness almost surprised me there). And he still had to go to work for one hour after all this... And when we finally left, he still didn't seem too eager to part our ways and when we went to get some money he stuck around...

Every time he left our company to use the toilet (umm... to blow his nose and to clear his throat a bit better) R.L and I were just like aaaawwwwwwww how *insert some adjective such as adorable or something* and talked about things and so... And when we were waiting for our bus talking in the "Aww, that was great and he was so sick and omnomnomnom let's write obs * :laugh::nerdsmiley::rofl::) *", R.L told me that she had done what I asked her to do before and asked him if he was sick. She said that the situation had been pretty simple, he had just been coughing his lungs out for a change (yes yes, he seemed to be doing that a lot today) and she had just asked his if he was sick and he had answered very simple that yes, he was...

Also at one point after a lot of coughing he leaned back against the cushions of the sofa and said that eating kookospallot while having a cold maybe wasn't a wise thing to do... Aww.

I kind of think that I'm far too tired now myself to think what all I should and should not include in this post... I'll probably think afterwards that "oh, why didn't I mention this and why did I mention that" but... Well, that's the problem of that time! *nod* And obviously this is just what happened in my point of view and I'm sure I don't remember all important parts (really I should have included R.L more here, as she played and important part in this)... *sigh*

And just because this is the sneeze fetish section and not "related fetishes", I include here a short mentioning of a sneeze! So on Thursday I was sitting in the bus with R.L and we were just talking about all kinds of nice things. There was this relatively nice looking man sitting quite near to us... Well, at one point of the ride he sneezed. Beautiful, I say. LoL.

R.L, if you feel that I left out something important or if you wish to add your side to the story, please do write more abs here about the evening!


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Deeerrrppppp ; u; Well I know I was like... extremely, extremely tired and it was showing too, but but but. XD It also gave me the nice excuse to "keep track" of this certain guy's possible will to leave without being pushy or ignorant. I mean, if I said "Shouldn't we be leaving?" about once an hour, he could have agreed to it if he didn't want to stay anymore. Also, when it was me who was saying that, it was pretty obvious that since I'm no authority there -> I'm not the one deciding things at all. ;D

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Deeerrrppppp ; u; Well I know I was like... extremely, extremely tired and it was showing too, but but but. XD It also gave me the nice excuse to "keep track" of this certain guy's possible will to leave without being pushy or ignorant. I mean, if I said "Shouldn't we be leaving?" about once an hour, he could have agreed to it if he didn't want to stay anymore. Also, when it was me who was saying that, it was pretty obvious that since I'm no authority there -> I'm not the one deciding things at all. ;D

Aww, you smart one...

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D'awwww, that's so cute! I'm glad y'all had fun, thanks for sharing! Be sure to let us know if all that time you spent with him produces some sniffly-ness on your parts ^_^

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Oh this is absolutely lovely. :wub: Lovely teas too. :shy: There's few things I could imagine enjoying more than making tea for a sick guy. :blushing: Two such wonderful things, tea and cold... eek!

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