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Waking up the Joker


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My half of the Spoider/AnonyMouse art trade (a couple weeks late, like always :laugh:). I'm terrible at comics, so if you can't figure out what's going on, basically the Joker fell asleep in a garden and Ivy woke him up by shoving a big ol' rose in his face. Yes, I am just as bad at coming up with good scenarios as I am at actually drawing them. :D

Hope you enjoy, spoider! :D


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Ahaha, omg!!!! Ivy is evil!!! :yuck: But I don't mind. Not at all. I love the way she and Joker look. And what do you mean "bad"? I think it's one of your coolest drawings so far <3! The situation also is funny and cute. Can't wait to see mooore~

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