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While visiting a museum over the weekend, I got a great obs of a young woman (probably mid-twenties). She was slightly ahead of me in the gallery, with a wonderful dark complexion and thick black hair. Suddenly she snapped forwards, just managing to bring up her hands to attempt to contain the full force of the sneeze. It echoed through the gallery, a powerful 'HEEETCCHHOOOO!!' ... and to my delight, it was followed by two more, equally unrestrained explosions 'HHEETTCCHOOO!!!...HHEETTCHOOO!' The sneezes were strong enough to bend her double, and draw the attention of her friend who obviously found the sneezing considerably amusing.

As I followed her through the galleries, I saw she was not done. She sneezed a further four times, although unfortunately decided that these were better stifled. I watched her head bobbing violently as she contained the sneezes with the help of her hands. I would like to think the dusty exhibits set her off... :evil:

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I would like to think the dusty exhibits set her off... :lol:

Oh yes, so would I... :evil: Absolutely lovely observation, thank you for sharing!! :lol:

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Sounds just beautiful! I love it when people can't help but sneeze loudly in a quiet space, like a library or a museum! :)

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