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I love Big Time Rush so I decided to write this :o


It was a cloudy December day in Los Angeles, California. Even though the vibe of the day was gloomy and lazy, the boy's spirits where high and happy. Big time Rush was the newest boy band in Hollywood and they were currently heading to the recording studio to record their first album. As the boys walked into Rocque Records, Logan sneezed into the crook of his arm

" Huhtschooo!"

Logan hadn't been feeling well all morning but they had been working on this album for several months and he didn't want disappoint his band mates let alone Gustavo Rocque. A wave of wariness washed over him as he walked through the lobby. Even though he was the first one to go to sleep and the last one to wake up, he was still exhausted. He just shook it off before walking into the sound booth.

" Alright dogs we've worked very hard on this album so lets make Griffin proud." Gustavo said in his loud, kind of intimidating voice.

The music started to their first song on the album began to play. As Logan sang, he could feel a tickle rapidly growing in his nose. he tried to hold it back but all he could do was cup his hands over his mouth to catch the oncoming sneezes

" HUhtschoo! Hehtschooo!"

The music instantly stopped.

" Bless you." Carlos whispered. Logan rubbed his nose as he looked at Gustavo. His face looked cold and uninviting but that was just his normal facial expression so Logan just sniffed and picked himself and waited for the music to start. This time, they got about halfway through before Logan interrupted

" Hahtschooo!"

Again, the music cut off and this time Gustavo looked angry.

" Bless you," Carlos repeated." Are you okay?"

" Yeah I'm fine," Logan responded." Just something in the air."

The music started over for the third time, but this time the couldn't even make it through the introduction thanks to the persistent tickle in Logan's nose.

" Huhtschooo!"

Gustavo cut off the music and stood up angrily.

" Logan," He said calmly." Why do you keep sneezing?!?"

" I don't know." Logan said before breaking into a coughing fit. They all listened as the sickly sounding coughs rumbled out of his chest.

" Logan, are you feeling okay?" Kelly asked. She walked into the sound booth and placed her head on Logan's forehead.

" Logan, your burning up!" She exclaimed. He didn't know what to say. he felt like crap but he didn't want to let everyone down.

" Hehtschooo!"

" Alright," Kelly said." You're sick. I'm taking you back to the Palm Woods."

" But we have a deadline." Gustavo whined

" No," Logan sighed." It's just a cold."

" I don't care. you're going home so you can get some rest." She said sternly. He nodded slowly before bringing his hands up to his face.

" Hahtschooo!"

" Come on." Kelly said. She lead Logan out to the her car and layed him down in the backseat.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I so love you right now!!! ;):lol: Big Time Rush ;) is amazing! I love it! Logan is my favorite in the series! :o:hug: You have everyone's character down perfectly! thank you so much for writing this and I so hope you continue!

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Please continue, this has real potential for being a really cute story! maybe for the next part Logan could be dying in the apartment, and Kendall's mom could be babying him.. tons of sneezing.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Logannnnnnnnnn! He's so cute! I love this! You have their personalities perfect! It's just like Logan to downplay it! It's true, doctors do make the worst patients heehee! Continue please!

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