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Great obs (f cold) and talk


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Well at my work there is a medical assitant. And she was walking around sniffling a lot today and i noticed she may have a cold. We were sitting at a treatment table witht he owner having lunch (about 8-10 of us) and she was sitting next to me. She said she didnt want to sit near anyone in order not to get them sick and was a few feet back from the table. She blew her nose several times and then all of a sudden AIICHEWW she sneezed into her L fist. Then later i was in the nurse practicioner's office discussing patient charts with her and she walked behidn me and was like "oh someone sprayed something and my nose tingles, didnt want to sneeze all over back".

Well that is my crazy observation, enjoy!

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I love hearing complaints about tinglyness after someone sprays something. Very rarely actually get any sneezes, though. :yes:

And you'd think - being a medical student and all - that she'd know it's considered unsanitary to sneeze into your hands! Especially in a room full of people! And especially when you have a cold!! Silly billy. :drool:

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