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The aftermath


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Wow. Okay. So.

I've had this horrible flu for about two weeks and FINALLY got over it over the past weekend. It was a very unfortunate circumstance, both because my complete loss of voice was terrible for that whole professional-singer-in-training thing and because it was a very dry flu. Lots of coughing, lots of feeling like death, but not one sneeze. The aftermath, however, was fun. Once all the yucky fever-and-cough things had gone away, and I was mostly healthy except for a lingering runny nose, I started sneezing. Admittedly, over the course of Sunday and Monday I still only managed to get out a handful of sneezes, but any at all in a day is a lot for me, so having maybe fifteen over the course of two days was fun.

They were rather unusual sneezes for me, too. I would feel them coming a few seconds ahead of time, totally overwhelmed by an incredibly powerful, itchy, desperate it-CHIHOO! which snapped me in half at the waist but did nothing to relieve the itch. Immediately after the sneeze I would draw in two desperate, gasping breaths, both to catch my breath and gear up for another sneeze (which never came). Then I would settle for rubbing my nose until the irritation eventually subsided. They were amazing, but kind of unsatisfying. Still, a sneeze is a sneeze, right?

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I'm late in reading this. Those sneezes sound like they were wonderfully intense.

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