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Coffee time...


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Last night, hubby and I went out to dinner. He's looking tired and weary from his allergies. Poor guy... We got home and decided to have a cup of coffee out on the deck, and hubby lights up his cigarette. After being clear of these nasty things for a year, he's gone back to smoking...which pleases me not at all. Anyway... we are halfway through our coffee and I see the signs of an allergy attack beginning. J drops his cigarette in the ashtray and puts the coffee cup down. When he is about to sneeze, he stops EVERYTHING and concentrates on what is happening. His eyes close immediately. His lips part and his mouth opens. I am watching his breath pant first in deep breaths and then in short, jagged pants... He begins to sneeze, "huh, huh, huh" and it stops. His eyes remain closed and he scrubs at his nose. "HURRRRRSHCOOOOOOOOO! URRRRSHHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!! URRRRRRRRSHHHHHHH!" Each sneeze comes faster than the next. After the three, he picks up his cigarette again. And again, his jaw goes slack and his mouth opens. "Dammit" he mutters as he puts the smoke down. Eyes close again and he sits waiting for the sneeze. He says, "This is torture. I'm getting no relief from the sneezes. Everytime I 'HURRRRSHOOOOOOOOO......HURRRRSCHHHHHOOOOOOOO....ARRRRRRRRRSHHHHHHHH! HURRRRRRRRISSSSHHHOOOOO!' Everytime I sneeze, I feel another one coming. It never stops!" I handed him some tissues which he held crumpled in his hand. His mouth is open and he is panting still. After more than a minute of him sitting there concentrating on the sneeze about to come out, his body snaps forward into a sneezing fit of a dozen large, breathy, congested sneezes. He catches most of them in the tissues and finally is able to blow his nose. By the time he finishes the fit, his cigarette has burned to the end. I look at him and say, "See? Smoking IS hazardous to your health." He just smirks at me, sneezes a desperate and weak "ISSHOOOOOO" and says, "Babe, let's go inside. By allergies are killing be."

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Wow, what a sneezy guy! thanks for sharing that with us.

If you want to convince the hubby to quit smoking, maybe you could casually suggest that all the exposure to the toxins in the smoke might make his allergies worse. :)

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