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Glad I went to class


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I sit in the second row of the lecture hall. The very front row is usually empty or during lectures where there are residents in the subject they sit and listen to the senior clinicians. That was the case today. The primary speaker was an engaging older woman but my interest lies with the first year resident sitting directly in front of me. He looks to be in his early thirties, well build and handsome despite early onset male pattern baldness. Oh yeah, and in vet school, any guy looks good.

So. I am in my seat waiting for lecture and I see him take a quick breath, steeple his hands over his mouth and sneeze. It was both unrestrained and slightly delicate, unpretentious. I don't think i blessed him. I thought nothing of it until I heard him sniffle. And sniffle again. And then wipe his nose.

And then i thought of his three young children he had showed up in his lecture the week before and I thought of all the colds in day care and preschool.... and then i tried to focus. No more sneezing. lots of sniffling. Kept me interested in lecture :-)

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