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I have a slightly random question for you all stemming from this obs.

I was out last term with one of my mates, as we were coming out of the club I gave him a piece of chewing gum. Within about 30 seconds he'd sneezed twice, nice not too loud ordinary sort of sneezes, "Heshoo! Eshoo!" I blessed him and we carried on back towards the city centre. He then sneezed again, this time about three times. I blessed him again and then he asked me if the chewing gum was mint, which I told him it was. He then told me that mint things always made him sneeze, I made some non-comittal sort of response and he added in a jokey way, "You should see what happens when I eat a polo!" (Don't tempt me :laugh: )

Weird thing is I was out with one of flatmates a couple of months or so before this and he said the exact same thing that mint chewing gum makes him sneeze. Are the blokes I know just freaks or has this happened to anyone else?

B :laugh:

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Hi Bruyere

For some reason if I eat really strong mints I sneeze. I don't know why 'cos nothing else I eat makes me sneeze, but strong mints always do!


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well im allergic to mountain dew so i dont think its that weird lol

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I've certainly READ of people sneezing on eating mints, but never actually seen it.

I have read more often of CHOCOLATE making people sneeze, and this I have seen. One was the daughter of a colleague of mine, about 15 at the time - she sneezed three or four times after a chocolate dessert and her father commented that she hadnt sneezed much that time. The other is a 25 year old male, who also sneezed after a chocolate dessert and his sister told me that he always sneezed twice on eating chocolate.

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On Risque Renee's Sneezing Video she proves on two occasions that sucking on hard mints does trigger her sneezing reflex, but not right away. At the beginning of the video, she pops a mint into her mouth and talks about what makes her sneeze and how they sound and look, what kind of patterns and so forth in great detail while she is waiting for the mint to take effect. You can actually see the feeling take hold from the look on her face. Maybe it's the menthol.

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Perhaps this is how it got the name Pepper - mint?

I had a g-f who claimed strong mints made her sneeze, but she could never do it in front of me..she got too self conscious. :D

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