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He sounded so helpless, but he was helping me...


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Had a car accident today. I will live, my car didn't survive :shifty:

Anyway, when I called the insurance company I spoke to a guy who sounded too cute for words (:lol:) and was completely sniffly and talking in cold-speak.

"How cad I helb you today?"

And he was so sympathetic to me, when he was clearly miserable himself...

"I'b so sorry aboud your aggzident. Are you ok?"

Why is that such a turn on to me??? :) I had to ask before the call was over

"Are you sick?"

"Doh, I hab allergies. I'b sorry."

He did tell me that the insurance company will be sending me a survey about the level of satisfaction I got from the call...I told him he'd definitely be getting a 10 from me. I don't think I ever got that turned on by a phone call before...

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Awww that's very sweet

And I suspect he put the phone down and thought "what a nice, considerate, polite lady"

Why don't you send HIM a survey..... :shifty:


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Awww, I'm sorry about your car. :shifty: At least the universe compensated and gave you a cute allergic guy to talk to on the phone. :)

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First, glad to hear you're alright. Second, what an adorable obs! A shame he didn't sneeze, but the stuffy talk was cute regardless.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks to all for the good wishes regarding my accident...I'm just fine, more shaken than anything.

I realized yesterday that this is the 2nd obs I've posted and it is also the 2nd one involving a phone call. Which makes sense since my personal fetish is for hearing sneezes/sneeze-related sounds versus seeing them. Once again, it's all about the imagination for me...the picture I paint in my mind of the person on the other end. That's the biggest thrill!

If he actually sneezed I think I would have gone into a pleasure-overload coma. :P

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