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Starting a Hawaii 5-0 drabble thread for the fantasmic 27jaredjensen, because she's amaaaaazing :drool: EVERYONE LOVE HER :drool:

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this drabble becasue I feel like I made the characters too OOC to fit them into the scenario I had planned out in my head :drool:

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN HAWAII 5-0... because if I did...oh, if I did... :)

Enjoy!!!!! :)

“C’mon, eat it; it’s good for you.” Danny again pressed the bowl of soup eagerly in front of Steve. “I even made it from scratch. It’s still hot and it’ll make you feel better.” He hated having to plead with the other man, but it was necessary.

“Dodn’t wadda.” Steve sniffled again, a thick, congested noise that bordered on inhuman. He pushed the bowl away and tried to lay his head down on the table. He was interrupted, however, by a sudden prickling in the back of his nose. “Heh-ISSSnght!”

God, even his sneeze sounded tired, Danny thought, but he hasn’t eaten anything since this morning. “Steve, man, you gotta eat something.” He placed the bowl again in front of the other man, preventing him from trying to rest on the table. “I know you’re tired but just a few spoonfuls? For me?”

Steve coughed a looked down. “Fide. But you gotta do two things.”


“Onde.” He started, but immediately snapped forward with another sneeze. “Hpt-ESHuh!” He winced as the sneeze ripped at his already sore throat. He sniffled again, before another sneeze attacked. “IxxCSH‘uh!”

“Finished?” Danny asked, holding out a tissue.

Steve nodded his head yes, before his breathing faltered and the final sneeze tumbled out. “Huuh-udTCHoo!”

Danny felt bad, but laughed nonetheless at the way the table lurched with his friend’s sneeze. He placed napkins down where some of the soup had sloshed out of the bowl. “Bless you. You sure you’re done this time?” he asked with a smile. He placed the entire box of Kleenex from the living room in front of Steve.

He blew his nose and suffered through a quick coughing fit before continuing. “One- take the peas out. I don’t like them.” At this, Danny laughed and rolled his eyes. “And,” he rubbed the back of his head nervously. “I’ll eat it if you feed me.”


“Okay, let me get this straight.” Danny started, “First, the great Steve McGarrett gets a cold. Then, he asks me to feed him. No way.” He shook his head. “Nooo way. You’re fever must’ve spiked while I wasn’t lookin’.” He placed his hand on Steve’s forehead.

Steve ducked from the hand. “I’m not feverish. I just thought…” he trailed off “I don’t know- that I mean I’ve never, y’know” he gestured with his shoulders again.

“C’mon, spit it out.” Danny urged

“I…Iauh-hih- Ignxxt!” He stifled against the back of his hand. “I thought I’ve never had anyone feed me while I’m sick before.” He shrugged again, looking down.

Danny placed both hands on the table. “Okay, two things.” He held up two fingers. “One.” A finger went down. “Don’t stifle like that; you’ll blow out your friggin ear drums. Two” He picked up the spoon beside the bowl. “Yes.” He said simply, as he scooped every pea he could find out of the bowl and lifted out a spoonful of broth, holding it up to the other man.

Aaargh! I sacrificed ICness for cuteness! I promise I'll do better next time! :omg:

*is off to write MOAR*

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LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :bounce: Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuu!!

Heee, the tired-sounding sneeze and Danny making soup and STEVE WANTING TO BE FED and the sneezes and youuuuuuu ;) I thought that they sounded so much like the characters!!

So much awesomeness, I can't thank you enough! :D

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Aww, I loved this! And we all know Steve is a total softie at heart :D

Is there any more H5-0 fic out there? I'm on a total kick at the moment!

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