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Need a X-Men fanfic fix?(:


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First story! Not my best... I lost my notebook with all of my stories in it :/ It's upsetting. I wrote it quickly, only because I had been seeing all of these X-Men stories, but none of them with Havok! And I've had it saved since I first joined here, I wanted to post a story, and was a little embarrassed... but..

Anyway, he is a total cutie. Not to say Erik and Charles are not.. I figured I'd write a little something for him:) ^^

Alex woke up feeling a bit cold, which wasn't normal for him. He pulled the covers over his head, and attempted to fall back asleep. Didn't work. A slight migraine pounded in his head, he wondered why. He almost never got headaches, and this one was bad... he laid there until he got bored, which happened rather quickly. What was a mutant supposed to do all day if he couldn't use his powers atleast once? He tried standing up, everything hurt, he was dizzy, and his eyes blurry. Maybe a bath could make it better? Maybe. Nothing ever hurt to try. The water was running cold, and he tried to use his force to warm it up. He couldn't. His blasts of normally lava-like power, where cool at best. And not red, they were pink. "Great...pink...", he thought to himself. But once he felt a cold chill down his back, he began to worry.He shivered. The sensation of a sneeze in his nose tickled. He leaned on the clean, white porcelain sink in his bathroom, and rubbed his nose, until the sneeze feeling went away. It sent him into a minor coughing fit.

He turned the water off, and ran to Dr. Charles Xavier's office. Banging on the door. Sometimes, he would use his energy to blast the wall either down, or melt it away, but he felt weak. Like his energy was fading. The best thing he could do with lack of energy would be to give someone a headache. Not even really hurt them. "Open the door! CHARLES! Open it!!", Charles came running to the door, and slightly chuckled. "You're the last mutant I'd expect to see look as though he were worried! You have almost the least to worry about!", Havok frowned a bit, and tried to swallow. It hurt, it felt hot, like a burning sensation in his mouth, he couldn't swallow all the way, he stopped himself, and let out a forceful, chesty, mucusy cough. Charles looked at him confused, "well?". "I... I... uh, um, we.. mmm.. just wondering when we were going to train today?" he asked, rolling his eyes, as if Charles didn't already know that wasn't what he was going to ask. "Are you feeling up to it?", Alex grinned a bit, "yeah. Of course."Alex felt something in his nose. Just something little, he sniffed a bit, trying to get the feeling of a slight tickle to go away. He rubbed his nose, and then wiped it with the back of his hand, clean liquid like water, skimmed against his rough knuckles. He sniffed again, and felt dizzy. He put his hand against the wall, fast. His poor head still aching. He put his other hand around his throat as he swallowed, still painful. And he coughed again, chesty, looking away from Charles. "Back to bed," Charles sighed. "Why?!?" asked Alex, "I can still train! I can do everything!", he stated as he tried to get his energy blasts around him. The only thing he could manage was a faint, thin, pink circle around him. "Oh, you can now, can you Alex?" Alex paused to look at Charles. "I will be down to train. Trust me." Alex said, as he stomped away. He stumbled on the way back, looking into his thoughts, Charles laughed into his fist. Erik came over by Charles, "what?", "Oh nothing Erik. It's nothing."

Alex hadn't ate anything for breakfast, his head ached too much. He laid on his bed instead, trying to suck up some energy to make his force. He couldn't, and every time he tried, he felt like his throat was summoning him to a non-stop coughing fit. It was chesty, and mostly dry. It hurt to cough, he stopped his force. His nose started running, he wiped it. But that didn't stop it from running more. "If it's not one thing, it's another!!!" yelled Alex. Hank knocked on his door loudly, it pounded in his head like a throbbing toothache, he shut his eyes. "What do you want?", Hank cracked the the door, "out." Alex said firmly, "No, no, I'm here to help..." Hank said shyly. "You can... ca... can't.." Alex gained composure for a brief second, "heh.. heh... heh..," Hank shut the door quickly, just as red circles circled around him "AHEZCHITTTTTUHHHCC! Huh. Heh." Alex sniffed, watching a red circle of destruction slid through the air slowly, and dissolved before hitting anything. He sighed. Hank open the door back up, "I want to be alone." Alex said hoarsely, clenching his teeth, Hank agreed without saying, and walked away.Hours of waiting for Charles, to come by to tell him it's training time, Alex stayed laying on his bed. Blankets wrapped around his arms, he shivered. Getting thirsty about now, his throat was on fire. "This must be what it feels like to get hit my energy blasts.." he thought. He stood up, he felt tippy, almost falling to the ground. He coughed, which caught him off balance. He tried holding his breath as he ran down the stairs into the kitchen, to keep himself from coughing. As soon as he got there though, he sneezed, not trying to cover or control his energy blasts.


His energy force slowly destroyed a glass of water, which exploded over him. He sighed. He was wet, cold, and feeling sick. There could be nothing worse. Unless...

Charles walked into the kitchen, "Good God Alex! You could hear THAT from Russia!", Alex looked at him as he fell down into a chair. Out of breath from the run, and sneeze, closing his red, watery eyes. Charles filled a glass of water, and took it over to him, placing the palm of his hand on Alex's head, he sniffed wetly. Charles grabbed a cloth from the sink, and handed it to Alex, who blew his nose gurgly. Charles cringed, and gently placed his cool hand on Alex's - now cooly wet from beads of sweat - forehead. "You, my friend, most definitely have a fever", "Oh..." nose running, he sniffed, and he stifled the sneeze that came with it. He sniffed again, and sneezed, unexpectantly, on Charles. "Ehehzzactchhchh", spraying onto Charles' pants, shirt, and onto the counter a bit. He cleared his throat. "Sorry," he managed to get out of his hoarse little voice.

"It's alright," explained Charles, "however, you most definitely will not be training tonight."

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Ooh, it's nice to see an Alex story! Interesting sneeze spellings, too. I kinda like the thought of him having these crazy sneezes that make him even more unique. biggrin.png A bit of advice, though! It's a little confusing to tell who's talking sometimes, so maybe try separating the lines of dialogue? Just a suggestion. Nice story. happy.png

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