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So i have been in the dumps lately because no one around me seems to be sneezing and the ragweed season that I thought would be one to remember is almost gone now and was a big dissapointment for the most part, however; today as I was leaving class a very in shape asian guy who I had seen before this summer at the campus gym while working out, walked passed me. He is buff but not overly bulky and hunched over like some guys that work out. I guess you could say he was athletic build. He was slightly bronzed sort of like a perfectly golden french frie and had a nice round but not flat nose. As he walked by he had the look of expectation in his eye that we know how to spot so well. He pulled out his ipod and as he unraveled the head phones he licked his lips and kept them slightly parted as he took a shallow breath. At first it seemed like he wasnt going to sneeze, i thought maybe he was just trying to catch his breath or something BUT I KNOW THAT FACE. something told me not take my eyes off and as he passed me he raised his elbow up to his face and HUH-UUURRRRSHCOOO!!!!.....HUH-URRRRSCHOOOO!!!! YEEEESSS!!!!!! AT LAST!!!! my instincs served me well! I just knew he had to sneeze and wouldnt let his hesitence to do so stop me from catching it. I dont know for sure the cause of the sneezes but im almost fully convinced by his face and mannerisms that it was allergies, and also because nice weather has caused ragweed to still be alive and well where i live. It couldnt have been photic because it was starting to get pretty dark, and i doubt it was cold related because the cold season her came and left at the the begining of september. Eitherway something about this guy, his two sneezes and those faces before them that I find to be absolutely flawless. I wish I could have made a movie out of it ughhh this ob barely does it any justice.

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