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I had an early morning so I figured I'd go get some coffee and what not. It's cold for where I live and drizzling outside, not pleasant weather. At any rate, I was waiting in line when a lovely blonde haired woman comes in. Short curley hair, kind of a thin nose which went with her over all appearance, just tall and thin. She was dressed in a bussiness like way but with a heavy black cardigan sweater over her otherwise professional attire. She was worried about being cold and not her appearance I think. Although I found her appearance to be incredibly sexy, I'm obviously in the minority there lol. Anyway, She stood behind me and said good morning, sniffed and immidiately pulled a large white hankechief from her sweater pocket threw it open and blew her nose violently 3 times. She comented on the weather change in between her honks, folded her hanky, wiped her nose and placed it back in her pocket. Great start to my day!!! I hope everyone's day is as great as my morning!

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