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So here's some background knowledge on my step-mom. She's around 40 years of age, 5'5", long brown hair, average appearance, and medium build. My dad married her a few years ago, and I immediately fell in love with her sneezes. She says "Hup-chooo" every time she sneezes(emphasis on the "hup" and sort of quieter "choo"), and her sneezes are extremely rare. I can go weeks without hearing a sneeze(partly because I don't stay at home often) and I've only heard her double sneeze on two occasions in the entire 8 years I've known her. Every other sneeze is a single. *sigh*

To the observation. One day, I was taking apart my bed to move into the basement and she was standing and watching me. We were the only two in the room and she was making some small talk, etc. About halfway through a sentence, I heard her stop and say an almost inaudible "oh..." I glanced up and watched as she sneezed a powerful "HUP-choo" into her elbow. She always sneezes into her elbow so I've never truly heard an uncovered sneeze. Immediately, I looked back down and pretended I hadn't noticed(I never bless family members). She didn't seem to notice as she sniffed once and said, "Whoa, you can tell it's dusty in here." My heart melted because I love when she talks about her sneezes. Then, she left to the bathroom to blow her nose and I sat and played that glorious sneeze over and over in my mind.

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