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"Guten Tag yourself!" [Supernatural, Dean [m] ]


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Hey there!! =)

Does anyone remember the black and white episode of Supernatural where Sam and Dean are hunting the shapeshifter on the Octoberfest in Bavaria, Germany?

I thought it was really cute how Sammy was eating a bretzel and Dean greeting a German barmaid with "Guten Tag* yourself!". So, blame me, I wanted to write some sneezy!Dean fic where the boys were hunting a poltergeist in Germany.

I don't know if you like it, so please tell me!

I hope you enjoy <3 [* guten Tag = good day!]

Here's the first part, if you want, there'll be more.

“I can’t believe he chained me, dressed up like Dracula. Oh yeah, and actually put me in lederhosen! What a lunatic!!”

A involuntary shiver passed through Dean’s body and the Impala swayed slightly in his line.

„I don’t think I’ve ever met such a kinky shape-shifter before in my whole life. I mean, shifting into creatures from the old horror movies? That’s so old-fashioned.”

Sam shook his head in disbelief and bit into his big bretzel, spreading salt crumbs all over his seat and the floor.

“Hey, don’t ruin my baby, keep your salt to yourself.” Dean gave him an angry look and lifted his arm to muffle a short cough into it.

“The bretzels are tasty though. They’re so huge, in Texas there are only those small, crispy ones.”

He greedily eyed Sam’s one and wondered if he would notice if he just had one bite. Before they left he was talking to

barmaids instead of stocking up with bretzels. What a pity. Of course Sam noticed his hungry eyes and intuitionally covered his treasure with his giant palm.

“No way, Dude. It’s mine.”

“Bitch,” Dean huffed and scrubbed at his nose with his sleeve. Since they’d left Bavaria it felt somewhat tickly, not stuffy, just really itchy. He didn’t know why but he had the presentiment that he could be coming down with something since his throat was also scratching suspiciously.

“Jerk,” Sam winked and took a purposely huge bit, chewing contentedly and smiled amused to himself, watching his brother pout.

They drove on a bit and Dean got more and more confused because of all these German traffic signs, they could have also been Japanese. He didn’t care. All he knew was that he didn’t understand a thing and that he hadn’t got an idea how to get to a town called Hamburg, let alone meeting up with Bobby and facing a new case.

To top it all his nose started revolting again. He gave it an annoyed rub with his knuckles. It still felt like thousands of little feathers were tickling the inside, plainly agonizing. The rubbing didn’t do any good, he felt the tickling sensation growing bigger and bigger with every breath. He knew it would be hard not to explode all over the steering wheel, so he bit his lip, trying to suppress the feeling.

Fortunately, Sam didn’t notice anything at all because he’d drifted off to sleep since he’d finished his bretzel (all by himself!), so Dean risked a sniff and pinched his nose shut, trying to stop the inevitable.

Sure enough he failed and inhaled sharply, bending down as an enormous sneeze ripped out of him, making him moan and gasp for air.


Startled, Sam awoke from his sleep and turned his head just in time to watch his brother taking another shuddering breath and delivering it into his hand. “Hhh’ESHH-uhhh.”

Panicked, Sam grabbed the steering wheel in a quick motion and directed the Impala to the verge. The car stopped and he sighed with relief.

“Dude, you could have killed the both of us!”

[To be continued?]

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Hehe. ADORABLE! I love Dean loosing control of the car and Sam being all like "You could have killed us!". It's genuis! Pure genuis! So, Dean's getting sick huh? Poor Dean.*whispers* He should give it to Sammy. ;) BYE! :bleh:

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I'm saving this for future happy sexy times. Back later with actual comments. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Aughghghhhh. The ridiculously hot paragraphs of trying-not-to-sneeze Dean, the sexily exploding Dean, the Sam all happy and full and sleepy after protecting and eating his giant giant pretzel. And disoriented Germany-driving Dean and the promise of Bobby. Oh god so much love. :heart:

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@ Bubbles

Thank you for your comment :)

Yeah, actually I've been playing with the idea to pass it on Sammy,

I mean, they're sitting in the same (germy!) car all the time! :D

There will be contagion, promise!

@ Ciuty80

Hihi, yeah, I did! Thanks for your kind words <3

I hope you're enjoying the update!

@ 27JaredJensen

Who knows, maybe he ends up crashing the Impala into something?

Would definitely be a nice idea...=D

Thanks for your comment <3

There will be a hard time for Sammy because he's the one to take care of his brother :)

@ MadServer

Thank youuu =)

I would have updated sooner but school is eating my life right now.

I hope you're enjoying it. What the hell? Now I'm not even sure how to write "Brezel":

"Pretzel" looks really weird to me x)

Alrighty, on now with the update!!

“Dude, you could have killed the both of us!”

His brother had his face buried in the crook of his arm, coughing, even longer and more painful sounding than before and Sam felt sorry for him. It was not like he hadn’t noticed the coughing earlier but since he knew that Dean was a terrible sick person he had simply kept his mouth shut, which should spare him a lot of cranky answers. So he just had pretended that he hadn’t noticed anything at all. But now he couldn’t hide his concern anymore, it was too obvious that Dean wasn’t feeling well.

“You okay?” Sam softly touched his arm.

With teary eyes Dean looked up, wiping them with one hand and rasped, “Yeh’m’fine.”

He didn’t believe him. He looked everything but “fine”.

Sam took in his fever flushed cheeks, his sweaty forehead and his pale skin and had another try. “You sure about that?”

Dean gave him a grunt in response.

“Yeah, and now shut your fucking pie hohhhuhh’TZSH-ehh.”

Disgusted, he took a look at his hands in which he just had sneezed.

“Ughh…Sabby please tell be you are carryigg sobe girly tissues with you.”

Sam couldn’t hold back a grin, his brother had snotted all over himself like a three-year-old and was desperately needing his help.

“Don’t worry kiddo.” He handed him a napkin he had earlier stuffed into the glove box in wise foresight.

After wiping his hands, giving his nose a hard blow and tossing the soaked tissue out of the window, he turned on the engine again.

“Let’s go, we got work to do.”

Sam’s eyes were on him. “Do you even know where to drive?”

Another grunt. “Yeah, Sam. Hamburg’s our destination.”

Sam involuntary rolled his eyes. “I meant which way we have to take, genius. Have you checked the map?”

Now it was Dean’s turn to roll his eyes. “Looking at maps is for losers, we’ll find the right way without it, trust me.”

Determinedly, Dean pushed the gas pedal and drove the Impala back onto the street, heading in the general direction of the highway.

They were driving about half an hour when the shivering began.

First, it was almost unnoticeable. Here and then a shiver would pass Dean’s body, nothing too unusual for a day in autumn. But when he didn’t stop shivering and even his lips turned kind of blue, Sam knew that he had to do something if Dean wasn’t insightful himself.

When the next gas station appeared in his field of view, he made his brother pull over and stop to get something to eat.

While he fuelled the car, a privilege only he was allowed to do, Sam stepped into the garage, looking for some supplies he knew his brother was going to be in dire need of.

TBC? :bounce:

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TBC, TBC, TBC! I swear to god, if you don't C I will personally find you and... make you C! UPDATE SOON! THIS IS AWESOME! SOON!

BYE! :bleh:

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Unf! The "kiddo" and Sam knowing in advance that Dean would need something to blow his nose with... gah.

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Hey there =)

@Bubbles: Whew, am I supposed to feel honored...or scared?

But thank you =D I'll try to continue as soon as possible!!


Tehehe! I'm such a sucker for Sam calling Dean 'kiddo' =D

Oh, and for tissue-less Dean as well!

On with the next part!

I hope you enjoy =D

Walking along the shelves he picked out a few things, putting them in the shopping bag he took from the entrance.

A box of tissues, tea, soup in cans, another box of tissues.

Then he was reminded by his rumbling stomach that they hadn’t had dinner yet. He turned on his heel and looked around to find something suitable. Indeed, there was a cooling shelf filled with lots of sandwiches and so on. He chose a tuna- and a ham-sandwich for Dean and a cheese sandwich and a little salad for himself.

When he headed for the register, he saw Dean entering the gas station, so he changed his way and followed him unobtrusively. He did a good job, Dean wasn’t aware that his brother was watching him all the time as he thumbed through some porn magazine, grumbling “They don’t even have busty-asian-beauties-magazines.” Then he opened another porn magazine and whistled in appreciation. “Ohh la la, hello there! God, blond girls are pretty.”

Suddenly, Sam put his hand on his brother’s shoulder, making him jump and gave him a grin. “Dude, you are incurable, you know that?”

Dean chuckled and wanted to follow his brother to the register, but froze right in front of the candy section instead and stared at the different sweets he found there. Gummibears, Milka-chocolate, Ferrero-Kuesschen, Jelly Beans, chocolate-cookies, …

He wasn’t able to think anymore. It was like paradise.

Sam watched his brother drooling and laughed to himself. Sometimes Dean really was like a three-year-old.

There were only about two people more in the gas station, causing the red haired girl on the register to yawn and tap on the table with her fingers.

“Hi.” Sam broke the silence and gave her a smile.

“Hallo.” The girl smiled back and pulled a strand of hair behind her ear as she kept on talking to him.

“Schreckliches Wetter draußen, findest du nicht?”

Sam eyed her confusedly and gave an embarrassed smile,

“Ahm…I’m sorry, I don’t speak any German. We’re just rambling by.”

The girl laughed and answered him in English.

“No problem, I also speak English. Uh, I was just saying that the weather’s awful. Where are you guys from?”

Her English wasn’t perfect and she had a hint of accent in it, but Sam didn’t mind. “Yeah, that’s true…Oh, we’re from Texas. Actually we’re just here to uhm…go hunting with an old friend.” The girl rose her eyebrows. “Oh really? What are you usually hunting?”

Sam stuttered, “Uhm, deer and… wild boar.”

“Cool, my father is also a hunter. Usually he sticks to deer.”

Sam and the girl kept on chatting as a sound attracted their attention.


Both of them turned their heads to Dean who was wiping at his nose with his sleeve, fighting with another sneeze. “Hihhh’GZSHSH.”

“My brother even managed to catch a cold.” He pointed at the cold supplies he just had bought.

“What?” Dean croaked and gave him the stink eye before launching into a harsh coughing fit.

“Wouldn’t admit it of course," Sam added with a sigh.

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Tehehe! Loved this update! And, yes, you should be scared, be very scared. ;) Any way I loved this part.

Both of them turned their heads to Dean who was wiping at his nose with his sleeve, fighting with another sneeze. “Hihhh’GZSHSH.” “My brother even managed to catch a cold.” He pointed at the cold supplies he just had bought. “What?” Dean croaked and gave him the stink eye before launching into a harsh coughing fit. “Wouldn’t admit it of course," Sam added with a sigh.

Totally Dean!

BYE! :bleh:

P.S. Do I get my sneezy!Sammy? Huh? Huh? Or is it a no go?

BYE! Again. :bleh::bleh:

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I meant to comment, Lovely Linda--I like this! I'm excited to see some more Supernatural fiction. It seems like there hasn't been much lately. I wish I could write. I feel guilty getting so much enjoyment from the stories and never contributing....

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i like this soooo much and that all this takes place in germany is even much better^^

please continue...:wub:

i ADORE sneezy!dean :drool:

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Eeee! I like! w00t.gif

(And here's sort of an idea for you... some of my relatives went to Europe and got really bad colds because I guess the viruses are slightly different there than they are in North America? Soo... have fun with Dean's cold. It will be a good one!!!)

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Gahhhhhhh. SNEEZY DEAN. And cute multilingual cashiers and Sam shopping for his sickie-pie and Dean mesmerized by all of the beautiful candy and SEXY SPELLINGS AND BUILDUPS AND SNEEZY DEEEAN. And Sam discussing Dean's cold with the cashier. HNNGG.

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@ Bubbles

Yeah, I already promised you some sneezy!Sam in the end :)

You just gotta be a little patient! First it'll be quite Dean specific, sorry^^

But thank you for your comment :)

@ flower

Hey, everyone can write!! :)

I'd love to read something from you! Even if it's just a drabble!!

Thank you so much for your kind words <3

@ Ciuty80

Honey, while writing I was thinking about all the time!

I think letting it take place in Germany is a lot of fun!

Maybe you remember some of the places?

@ 27JaredJensen

Aww, thank you :)

I also loved the last line.

I hope you like my new installment <3

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate!

(Sorry for the lack of sneezy Sammy, but there will be, promise^^)

@ Raining Strawberry

Wow O.o You are...alive!

Awesome to hear from you again!!!

Thanks for your comment, I definitely like your idea!

Maybe I'll bring it up, who knows ;)

@ MadServer

Thank youuuu!

I think you deserve a lot of sneezy Dean for your awesome stories.

I'm glad you enjoy my story :)

I feel like giving you back something since I remember quite clearly it was you

who got me into Supernatural ;)

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Wow, I suck. I meant to post the update x)

Here it is!! I hope you like it <3

The hacking went on.

“Poor guy, his cough sounds pretty bad. Does he take anything for it?”

The girl’s eyes focused on Sam now.

“Uhm. I don’t think so. He won’t take medicine unless it tastes like sweets. He’s pretty …special.” Sam shrugged apologetically.

The girl disappeared behind the counter and looked for something. After a few seconds she held a bag of sweets out to him.

“What’s that?” Sam inched closer and inspected the sweets.

“They’re quite popular here in Germany, they’re called “Rachen-Drachen”, which simply means “Throat-Dragons”.

They have the same effect as normal cough drops, but they are shaped like little dragons, and they taste quite nice!

Maybe they will work for your brother?”

Sam was speechless. He’d never seen something like this before, and he was quite stunned.

“I though so. Just keep them, and take care of your brother,”

She winked and handed him the bag of sweets, smiling knowingly.

“Thank you a lot!” Sam couldn’t believe his luck and gave her a sweet smile as a way of showing his gratitude. Quickly he stored the stuff he bought in a plastic bag before Dean could see them and go cranky.

He had just put the last thing into the bag as Dean appeared next to him, his nose slightly redder than before, packed with lots of sweets.

He dropped them on the assembly line and gave Sam a content grin.

“Dude, I think I’m in heaven. Look at all those sweets!”

The girl giggled, “I’m glad you enjoy yourself here.”

“Danke schoen!” Dean flirted, trying to impress her with his German.

“Oh, you speak German?” The girl wanted to know.

“Ein kleines bisschen. Ich habe es gelernt als ich mit meinem Vater jagen war.“

(= A little bit. I’ve learned it while I was hunting with my Dad.)

„Wow, that’s cool!“

Sam gave his brother bitchface #17, which stood for “How come you speak German?!?”

The girl smiled as Dean passed her a scribbled note with his telephone number.

"You gonna call me? Maybe I'll stay in Germany a little longehhhehhhHehh'RGSHH-uhh."

Dean dipped his head down in the crook of his elbow and let loose another sneeze.

"Hihh'TSHH-ehh. Uhh god, pardon me."

He looked apologetically at her and she just giggled "Gesundheit!"

"Thanks," Dean rasped and cleared his throat.

"A pretty bad cold you got there. You should let your brother take care of you."

Dean's mood darkened. "No way, honey. I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself."

She shrugged and smiled at him again.

“Well, we gotta go. We’ve still got a lot of miles before us. Our friend is expecting us,”

Sam interrupted Dean’s conversation with the girl abruptly and tugged at his sleeve.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming,” Dean grumbled and followed his brother.

While they exited Dean secretly turned around and gestured the girl to phone him. She smiled in return and waved him good-bye.

* * *

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Sam gave his brother bitchface #17, which stood for “How come you speak German?!?”
That's my favorite line. So funny! I really liked this. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks!
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Yeah, I already promised you some sneezy!Sam in the end
Yay, yay, yay! Sneezy!Sam! I :heart: you!
Dean's mood darkened. "No way, honey. I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself."
Haha! I loved that part! So Dean! He should totally let Sam take care of him though. That way they can have big boy snuggles! Tehe! JK! ;) I can't wait until the next update! BYE! :bleh:
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Man, seriously that cashier. She's so laid-back and friendly and teasy and invested and not at all put off by the icky sickiness of Dean. I love her.


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Hey y'all =)

Thank you so much for reading!

For those of you who don't know the throat-dragons I'm talking about.

You can see them here.

I think they are all kinds of awesome because for one they are cute, and two, they are tastyyyyyy <3

@ Ciuty80

Hihi, thank youuu smile.png

Whew, now I know what to buy you for christmas x)

Gee, I've been collecting quite a lot of ideas!

@ flower

Aww, thank you smile.png

I love Sammy's bitchfaces, they are so adorable!

Most guys look silly when they pout, Sam looks sweet!

@ Bubbles

You're welcome wink.png

I think we all could need some sneezy!snuggly!Sammy at the end, don't you think so =D

Big boy cuddled? Oh lord *_* God yes!

@ MadServer

Thank youuu, it was a lot of fun to write the cashier.

Psh, I'm gonna tell you a secret. They will meet again - later =)

Guess who's a hunting buddy of Bobby ^^ Right. Her Dad.

I love coincidences!!

@ ichixshiro14


Thank youu! I hope you like the update! smile.png

Soooo, have some delirious and out-of-it Dean!


Yet again. That was the fourth time Sam was startled awake by his brother’s sneezing.

Tiredly, he turned in his seat and took a glance at his brother. Dean looked really exhausted but kept on driving. Sam had tried to persuade him to let him drive instead, but Dean was very stubborn. Especially when it came to driving his baby. He wouldn’t let anyone else do it. Not even his brother.

Hehh… Oh fuck…Hihhhh... Huhh’ESHH-ehh,”

Dean didn’t have the time to turn away, so he sneezed all over himself, swearing like a sailor.

“Goddamit, will this never sto…hhhh….hehh’GTSHH.”

This time he almost smacked his head against the steering wheel, so Sam decided it would be a lot safer to stop the car. He steered to the side of the road and told Dean to listen.

“Whad’s the madder, Sabby?”

Dean looked very pathetic, his eyes were red-rimmed and so was his nose. The rest of his face was pale and he looked like he just had gotten out of a grave. It scared Sam.

“Dude, you look like death warmed over! I know that there’s something wrong with you!”

His puppy dog eyes focused on him.

Dean opened his mouth to contradict, but all that came out was coughing. He kept on coughing for about a minute and Sam was worried he could suffocate so he rubbed in circles over his back and waited till the coughing subsided.

“Th…Thanks,” Dean croaked, his face red and sweaty.

“You ready to admit that you’re not fine?”

Sam pushed him to answer.

Dean sighed weakly. He was too exhausted to argue.

“Yeah Sam. I feel awful. I’ve been feeling awful since I woke up this morning. But it’s none of your business.”

Sam stroked his brother’s hot cheek. This was probably the most honest thing he’d ever admitted. Sam felt somewhat proud.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? You know I wouldn't be mad at you."

Dean shrugged and avoided his look. "I didn't want to be a bother."

Sam's lips escaped a sigh.

“You're not. It’s okay, really. Let us just change seats, then you’ll be able to get some rest.”


Dean opened the driver’s door, stepped out and froze immediately, one hand pressed against the car for support.

"Ohh…God. I feel … dizzy."

His already white face turned even paler as he couldn't trust his legs anymore and was about to faint.

Quickly, Sam's strong arms steadied him, guiding him to the passenger seat.

"Dean, take it easy. Easy, man." Sam gently helped him climb into the car and fastened his seat belt.

"S'mmy?" Dean weakly turned his face to him. "I don't feel that good."

Sam felt his heart twinge in sympathy, usually his brother wouldn't admit such things. This was another prove of how off he was, and how badly he needed to get some rest.

"I know, Dean. I'll look for the nearest hotel, it won't be long. Just try to sleep." Sam stroked his overheated cheek and got into the car again, closing the door silently.

"Sammy?" Dean suddenly murmurs.

"Yeah?" Sam looked up from driving.

"I don't do tea."

* * *

TBC? :bounce:

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