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Annoying tickle


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So halfway through math class today I notice a tickle in the back of my throat and inside I'm freaking out. These types of tickles in my throat for some reason always make me sneeze and they are usually wet. I was basically chanting "no! no! no! don't sneeze, don't sneeze" in my head. So I quickly grab my soda and take some sips to try and stop the tickels.....it doesn't help.Just great.... I cough twice and then quickly put the sleve of my shirt against my mouth and nose and hold it there. (I was resting my arm on the desk so it looked casual and it looked like I was bored. Which I basically was laughing.gif) I start breathing really slow and after a while I don't sneeze! biggrin.png When class is over I went to my car and drove home. A few seconds ago the tickle came back in my throat and I sneezed twice into the sleeve of my shirt.

By the way my math class has ALOT of sneezers in it. Gotta love college. laughing.gif Certain ones I try soooooo hard to hide that I was happy cause of the sneeze.

Ok.... The tickle came back again! and I sneezed twice again. What is up with this?

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