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Sexual Information for Young People


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We are aware that on occasion there may be some sexual questions that are troubling to younger members of this board, and that this issue is complicated, as younger members are not allowed to directly describe sexual acts in which they might be involved. There is a clear conflict of interest, in trying to protect people, inadvertently we put them at a disadvantage in that they cannot always ask for the help they need. We hope that some of the sites below might be helpful in those cases. In addition, if any of our younger members wish to ask for advice on whether it is possible to present a query without breaking the forum rules they are welcome to contact a member of staff of their choice for advice.

Interactive sites

  • Go Ask Alice! not only has information on a wide range of subjects, but users can anonymously ask a question and be answered by Columbia's Alice team who come from a variety of backgrounds.
  • TeenForums is set up using similar board software to that we use here, so it's simple to navigate, and encourages discussion about a variety of teen-centric issues.

Information sites

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