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Secret Santa for AnonyMouse! (M)


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Please excuse the n00b-ness of my colouring. It's the first time I colour anything digitally like this, and I only had GIMP and a touchpad to work with. shy.gif Still, I had insane amounts of fun making this. So, uh, without further ado:

Look! Scandinavians!

Happy (belated) Christmas, AnonyMouse. hug.gif

(Oh yeah, and the Swedishness translates to "One more time, Toki, I didn't quite catch that...")

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AHHH THANK YOU! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! VOOS ART OF MY SCANDIES! :wub: :wub: :wub:!!! I will treasure this! :hug:

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Beautiful! :-D One of these years I'll get paired with VoOs for a secret santa and I won't be so jealous! haha

Lovely work, VoOs!!

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That grin I sees on Skwisgaar fucking Skwigelf... Is that the most evil grin you have ever drawn? It is supremely evil and I love it.

Also, Toki's post-sneeze expression is QUITE hot. Ticklish. I think Skwisgaar is going to get his way, all right.

Excellent job as always darling :hug:

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