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The Hiatus that did not go as Planned. Also known as Watson is not as Bad an Actor as Holmes Thinks.


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After seeing Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 3 times, I decided to do this ^^" I should be punished for starting a Get Smart fic and then jumping straight to another Sherlock Holmes fic without warning, but this idea was too cute and wouldn't leave me alone!

Pre-warning: Part one will be short-ish, and be a prelude. No sneezing or major action just yet.

So, without further adieu, I give you my second Sherlock Holmes story!


Almost three weeks had come and gone since the package had arrived. It sat on the mantle of the fireplace for fear of my losing it, or Mary mistaking it for some strange piece of machinery that had broken off somehow and throwing it away. I could not risk losing that package. I wasn't sure what it meant, but it gave me hope. Hope that he was still alive.

I knew very well that it was impossible, for no man- not even Sherlock Holmes - could survive a drop that far, into that much water. That rushing, freezing, icy cold water.

I close my eyes and I'm back at the party, Madame Simza at her dying brother's side as he choked on the poison. I heard the noises coming from outside, I made my way to the door, checking to make sure that Moriarty wasn't cheating, he liked to play tricks... There was no noise, and no movement, just the two men locked together, near the edge of the balcony that hung over the falls. The seconds dragged on as they moved, but the longest of them was when Holmes made eye contact with me. That second seemed to never end. And then, just like that, it did. And they were gone. Over the edge of the balcony.... Into the rushing waters...

Reality snapped back into position as I entered my office. I glanced at the mantle, and the oxygen contraption placed on it. I made my way to my desk and sat, looking over my accounts of that horrible night again. Maybe something Holmes did would strike a realization as to the mystery that was the oxygen contraption. And maybe, just maybe, if I were lucky, he would have found a way to survive.


I must have drifted off after some time, for I was suddenly awoke by a heavy presence in the room. Almost as if there were another person here with me. I dismissed the odd feeling as paranoia, and stood from my desk, deciding to continue my slumber perhaps in a bed.


I froze. The noise had come from the closet. My hand instinctively went to the back of my trousers where my gun was stashed. I drew the pistol and aimed it at the closet door.

"All right..... Show yourself...."

Everything was silent......

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Ok, you got me. I'm intrigued...and frustrated that all the good writers on this forum have a habit of ending on cliffhangers. Why are you guys doing this to me?!

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Aiez! You guys are awesome! Thankoo for all the marvelous feedback~! I will try to live up to your expectations~ <3


The seconds crept by slowly, my heart pounded as I stepped towards the closet. Things remained silent for a few moments longer and I set my gun down on my desk. Perhaps I was just hearing things. My mind was overtired.

I made my way toward the door, and I could almost swear that I heard breathing. Not normal breathing, but heavy, irregular breathing. Short, panting breaths. But they halted after a moment, and I marked it down as more paranoia. Until-


I ran immediately back for my pistol and threw open the closet door. I aimed and squeezed my eyes shut and fired, three shots. I thanked goodness Mary was not home, for had she been here and heard the shots, she would surely have panicked.

"Alright, bastard... Let's see if you're still alive." I took a step closer to the closet but stopped short when I realized. There was no one there.

I turned slowly, confused. Had I imagined the sneeze? Was I losing it? How could-

"Oh, come now Watson," That voice.... "Is that any way to greet me? I have been through quite a lot to be here."


"Were you expecting Alfred Tennyson?"

"My God..." I reached my hand out slowly and touched the side of his face, then pulled it away in shock quickly when I felt his warm skin under my fingertips. "You're real..."

A deep chuckle escaped him. "Of course."

On impulse, I took a step towards him and threw my arms around him. He was alive!

"You're alive! You brilliant bastard, you're alive!" I paused a moment, taking a step back. "But how....? I watched you fall..." Then, something dawned on me. "You were going to allow me to think you dead! You weren't planning on tell me at all, were you?!"

"That, dear Watson, is a long and rather complicated story-" He cut off quickly, turning his head to the side. His chest expanded and contracted various times, as if he couldn't get a breath. "Heh...Eh'TngXxnt! Ha-EtCHU!" He sniffled a few times. "One I shall explain fully at another time. But for the moment, Watson, we have more important matters to discuss."

"Bless you." As he talked, I began to realize that his voice sounded a bit off, a bit raspy, the timbre of his voice was a fair amount deeper. I started to go into doctor mode, taking notice of his slightly paled complexion, the sheen of sweat on his brow, and the reddened, irritated areas of skin around his eyes and nose.

"Holmes, you look terrible."

"Thank you, Watson, you do know how to flatter me so. Now, on to-"

"No. Whatever it is, it can wait. You've just practically risen from the bloody grave, you look like hell, and you want to go on to talking about unimportant matters? The only thing important to me at this moment is your well-being. Now let me have a look at you."

"Yes, well my life is not at stake. Yours, however, is."

"What do you mean?"

"Moriarty." He began to move and pace across the room, just as he had before. "Just before we went to our deaths, Moriarty had said to me that he would endeavor to find the most creative of endings for you." He crossed the room and was at my desk, sifting through papers and picking up and setting down various items.

"But Moriarty's dead, isn't he? Or did he find a way to survive as well?" I walked to my desk and perched on the edge on it.

"He is d- Heh.. Hn'SHEW!," He sniffed heavily again, "forgive me. He is dead. His men however, are not. And they will stop at nothing to- Watson, please!"

I had gotten up from my spot on the desk and rested my hand on his forehead. "Holmes, I want you in bed, now."

"This is a matter of your life!"

"Yes, and one of your health. Mary is gone for the time being, you can stay in our bed until she returns."

He sighed, resigned. "Very well, Watson. But for the sake of your home, your wife, my life, and most importantly, your own life, you may not tell a single soul that I am here, or that I am alive."

I nodded and took Holmes by the arm, guiding him to the bedroom.

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YUM!!! drool.gifdrool.gif

I'm so glad you're writing in this fandom too--your awesome writing is helping me get a handle on the dialogue and characters.

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Mmmmm, I've often thought that the follow up to The Final Problem would make an excellent fetish story! I'm thrilled to see that someone has decided to have a go at it! And Holmes about to be in Watson's bed XD How delightful. :laugh:

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Excellent writing! I love Sherlock Holmes. Was anyone else squirming in their seat in the theater when Holmes and Moriarty were sitting down to play chess, and Moriarty put a coat over Holmes's shoulders and said "Wouldn't want you to catch a cold." I literally almost screamed out "YES WE DO!!!"

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Omgomgomgomg *_* I LOVE THIS!!!

Please don't let us hanging here, we need moooooore <3

This is so excellent, this is exactly what I had in mind when I watched the end of the movie!!

I loooove it!

You got the characters down perfectly :)

Please please please write more, I'm begging you <3

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