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First sneezes from two new friends!


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The other day a group of six of us spent the evening and all night at my friend's house. We are all new friends as of fall semester, so I hadn't seen any of the guys sneeze. However, we stayed the night, and morning tends to be a very sneezy time for some people. :D

The first is from J. He's about 5'9, kind of a square jawline, curly black hair, thick-rimmed glasses. He is upstairs and I'm talking to my friend downstairs when I hear a very loud "hep-SHIEEeww!" This distracts me and makes me completely lose my train of thought, but I shout "Bless you!" and he replies "Thank you!" It was a very delightful sneeze.

The second is from S, who I've kind of developed a crush on. Unfortunately, my other friend got to him first, and they are dating now. He is about 5'8, dark brown hair, also wears glasses, and he has the cutest face that absolutely lights up when he smiles. That morning, he has his shirt off. His. Shirt. Is. Off. mf_w00t1.gif And he is TONED! It's all I can do not to stare. We're sitting close together on the floor in a circle (I can't remember why, I think we were just talking tiredly) and I'm just a foot away directly across from him. I happen to look up right when he draws a quick and deep intake of breath, and in that micro second my insides squeal in excitement, because I KNOW what is coming, and he turns to his right and stifles into his hand, sort of pinching his nose. "Heh-NNGT!" And yeah, he is still shirtless. I'm just about to say bless you, but his new girlfriend says it first. :P

So fingers crossed that they break up. wub.png

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Fingers crossed that they break up...? :o That's not very nice. :bleh:

Thanks for sharing these pretty sneezes!

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