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I'm pretty new at this stuff so go easy on me. I'm trying out the 100 prompt drabble challenge http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=32901

Characters are Devon and Sean, I've already done one story with them and I really liked how it came out so I brought 'em back.

Anyway, here goes nothing. Wish me luck.

63- Control

Not going to sneeze. Not going to sneeze. Not going to-

"Hichuh... ihehchh... ihhchieww!"

Devon cursed mentally as Sean's head whipped around, eyes narrow with suspicion.

"You said you were over your cold."

"I-I am...hih... mostly. Hishheh!" The dark-haired boy sneezed into his elbow, doing his best to ignore the looks his friend was giving him.

"As if." he scoffed. "You know when you start you can't stop."

"That's not- iheh... oh no... hih... hietchuh! Hitchuh! Hishhiew!"

Sean smiled at his friend's predictable lack of control. "Give it up, Dev. I'll walk you home so you don't pass out on the way."

The shyer of the two wiped his nose and sighed, relenting to the other boy's good nature. "... fine."

81- Solitude

Devon had always been the loner, the quiet kid who no one wanted anything to do with. When he was younger, sick days were spent hidden away in his room. He never wanted anyone to worry about him, he never had any expectations of the people around him. He'd deal with sickness the way he dealt with everything- in solitude.

"Ichuuh. Hih... hishh'. Ichiew! snff..."

"Hey, Dev. Are you out of tissues already?"

The sniffling boy looked up blearily at the green-eyed boy. Several sheets of tissue paper were forced into his open hand, and his look of confusion turned to one of extreme gratitude as he blew his nose wetly.

He'd always dealt with his problems in solitude- that is, until someone else interfered.

99- Lazy

"You're too tired to come?" Sean exclaimed loudly over the phone, causing a passerby or two to glance at the brown-haired boy curiously. "I've heard some lame-ass excuses, but seriously? Too tired?"

"Look, I'll go with you another day. I just can't today." Devon's voice sounded strange, crackly and hoarse, but that was probably just the bad cel reception, right?

"I never thought I'd see the day when Devon Shore was just too lazy to hang out."

"Lazy? You're calling me-" His words were suddenly cut off by a fit of harsh coughing. Sean's train of thought derailed.

"Dev?" he said quietly through the phone, wishing he could see what was going on.

"Hishuh! Ishiew! Hieshuuh! Ichuuh!" The sound of his congested sneezes echoed through the phone, nearly making his friend wince.

"Dev?" the concerned boy called out once more.

"snfff... Yeah?"

"I'm coming over. Now."

More soon. Feedback plz?

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Yay! Yay yay yay! I love these guys, and you brought them back!

These are sososososososo cuuuute!

I looooved the first one, boys trying (and failing) not to sneeze is my favorite!

The second one made me go aaawww...

The third one was just great. Lot's of Sean awesomeness!

So, yeah, I'm done. Mostly...

Can I ask you to make Sean sneeze? Just once? For me? Pleeeaase?

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And now for Sean drabbley-ness. :3 Have to keep it balanced, ya' know. Thanks for the comments. They make me sooo happy. <3

37- Chocolate

Devon hated Valentine's Day. It wasn't just the overall mushy, couply, floweryness of the holiday. No, It was the chocolate. Not that he didn't like chocolate- quite the opposite actually. He had a major sweet tooth, and watching those mushy, cutesy couples exchanging flowers and candy while he just stood there utterly chocolateless was driving him up a wall.

Irritated, he shut his locker with far more force than necessary and turned around, only to be greeted by the sound of a wet sneeze.

"Heishieww! snff Ugh..." Sean had to scramble to cover his nose with an already overused tissue, lest he risk spraying his friend. "I haaate Valedtides Day." he moaned stuffily.

The blue-eyed boy blinked at the messy sight. The usually energetic teen looked like the picture of misery, with his nose running non-stop and his normally bright eyes reddened and watery from irritation.

"Bless you. You look horrible." Devon observed.

"I feel it too. Heh...hesshiew!" He stopped and blew his nose. "Oh, Valentine's Day. The day of romance, sweets, and- Hershuuh!... lots and lots of flowers." He sniffled and gave a halfhearted laugh.


"Snnrf... Yeah, seems like everyone in school is- Heh... huh..." Sean waved his tissue in front of his face, anticipating the oncoming sneeze. Unfortunately, it had gone as quickly as it had come, leaving him itchy-nosed and desperate. It was all Devon could do not to laugh at that cutely longing expression.

"If it means anything, I'm not a Valentine's fan either."

"Snnf... Really?" Sean actually looked surprised, though Devon couldn't imagine why. "'Cause I sorta got you sobethidg." The brown-haired boy sheepishly extended a hand- the one not grasping an overly moist tissue- with a small package in it. "Just to keep this holiday frob totally suckidg."

It was a tiny box, neatly wrapped, and underneath its simple wrapping- chocolate. Despite his est efforts, the shy boy's normally stoic expression broke out in a smile. He would undoubtedly deny it every day after.

In that moment, a couple of giggling girls walked by with armfuls of flowers, which was all it took to release the long withstanding tickle deep in one grinning boy's nose. "Eh...ehchuheh! Heichieww! Eshhiew! Hehshuhh!" He doubled over clutching his ruthless nose.

After a moment, he finally recovered, watery-eyed and runny-nosed. "Ugh. Worst holiday ever." he moaned and sniffled.

Devon just shrugged, suddenly not so sure if he agreed.

6- Squint

"God it itchhhessss." Sean whined, dragging out the word as if it would make the sensation any less. He seemed to be rubbing his eyes and nose more rapidly with each passing minute.

"Complaining isn't going to make it any better." Devon scolded. The allergy-plagued boy gave a small, watery-eyed smile at how motherly his friend sounded.

"Did you get ady bore tissues?" he sniffed.

"What do you think? You've been sneezing non-stop all day. I would've made you get all this stuff yourself if I didn't think you'd take one step outside and sneeze your brains out." It was true that the cheerful boy's allergies had been especially bad lately, but had they been less severe, Devon still most likely would have done this for him. Sean was usually such a cheerful and easy going guy, any sort of discomfort on him looked far worse in his shy friend's eyes.

"Hah... hashhuh! Heishiew!" The allergic boy sneezed into his elbow and grabbed a fistful of tissues. Blowing his nose and rubbing his eyes at the same time proved to be a difficult task, and he began squinting in a desperate attempt to stop his eyes from itching so terribly.

"You might want to start with the eye drops." said Devon, fishing a few bottles of various allergy medications out from a plastic shopping bag.

"Snff. I would, but I mi- huh... might sn-sneeze and- Hushhah! I bight sdeeze add stab byself id the eye or sobethidg. Heishew! Snff. Ugh. Sdeezing really kills a joke." He laughed tiredly, rubbing his eyes the whole time. Devon was just about fed up.

"Eye drops. Now." he ordered. "Tilt your head back."

"Snf. Seriously?"

"As a heart attack. I'm getting a headache just watching you squint like that." Plus I'm really worried about you. Yeah, like he'd really have the courage to say that.

"Okay, Dev. But I wadt you to kdow that you're the odly ode I'd let go aroudd squirtidg stuff id by eyes." He said it with a laugh in his voice, like he was just joking. Still, Devon was glad that Sean was squinting too much to see him blush.

Happy New Year!

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Aw, Sean is adorably protective. And I love how they're both stand-out characters, you know? Like real people. !!!

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Wheeee~ I'm so glad you all like these. <3

And here come so more. *throws drabbles in your face*

39- Muffle

ikschh... ih... ikchhh! Devon just barely managed to muffle the sneezes into the collar of his t-shirt.

“Why do you do that?” Sean thought aloud, staring at his long time friend and secret crush.

sniff. “Usually people just say 'bless you'.” He gave the brown-haired boy a withering look.

“Sorry, but it's weird.” he shrugged.

“It's weird that I don't want to spray germs everywhere?” the raven-haired boy asked. His voice was dripping with sarcasm, while his nose was dripping with... something else.

“Nah, but it's just you and me here. No one's gonna look down on you for not wrecking your nose every time you need to sneeze.”

Devon threw up his hands in exasperation. He didn't see why Sean would even care about something like that, but he'd play along if he had to.

“Fine. I w-won't...” ihh... ihihchk! He turned and forced the sneeze into his shoulder.

“What did I just say?” his friend scolded.

snfff. “... it's a hard habit to break.”

78- Shut up

He watched him. He watched his eyelashes flutter and his nose twitch. He watched him try to rub away the sensation when they both knew it was useless.

“Right... now!”

Ihehchiew! “Dadbit! Stop doidg that.” Devon rubbed his nose harshly, trying to rub away the tail-end of the tickle that had plagued him all morning. The same tickle that had provided a foolhardy and easily amused teen with entertainment for over an hour.

“It's hilarious, man. I can predict when your gonna sneeze every single time. Do I know you or what?”

The sniffling boy blew his nose into an already overused tissue.

“Maybe it's the other way around, maybe I only sneeze when you tell me to.” He was only joking, but that didn't stop Sean.

“Let's test it. Sneeze right now.”

“Sean, I was only- ih... k-kidding.” Ishoo! Ih... ishh... Ishuh!

“That's freakin' amazing, Dev.” he laughed. “Let's try aga-”

“Shut. Up.” sniffle

61- Idiot

All throughout the time that Devon was sick, Sean had constantly reassured him of one thing.

Idon'treallydocolds, sodon'tworryaboutgettingmesick.”

Hehh...heishiew! *sniffle* “I did not say that.” he stated indignantly when he was pressed on the matter a few short days later.

“You did too, idiot. I should have known.” The dark-haired boy shook his head and tossed his friend a box of tissues, which he failed miserably at catching. “Unbelievable.”

Sean dove under the table they were both sitting at in a weak attempt to retrieve the fallen tissues. He grabbed the box with one hand, and somehow managed to stir up a nose-full of dust while he was at it.

“G-great. Just gr-” Heh...eheh... His eyes watered as the sneeze lay just beyond his grasp. Devon reached down and swiftly plucked up several tissues. He shoved the soft paper into Sean's face just as the torturing tickle burst out of him in a wet sneeze.

Heppchuuh! He took the tissues and wiped furiously at his running nose. His friend stayed kneeling on the floor by his side until it was certain the tickle was gone. As he stood and brushed the leftover dust from his pants, he rolled his eyes and smiled slightly at his friend's losing battle with his own nose.

“Idiot.” Adorableidiot.


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'nuf said

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Ohh my goodness. Your boys are adorable! I'm so glad you're doing drabbles with them...and I can't wait for more!

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Thanks everybody! Here comes some more :3

7- Misplaced

"You lost it, didn't you?" Devon asked, rolling his eyes.

"No... no, I just... misplaced it." said Sean who was currently searching his backpack frantically for the 'misplaced' item. He dumped a pile of papers and pens onto the classroom floor and sifted through them with a look of panic in his eyes.

"Face it, Sean. It must have fallen out through the hole. I told you that you should've at least taped over it or something." he scolded with that familiarly mothering tone.

"I didn't think it was small enough to... to..." He looked up from his search and shot his friend a desperate look as his eyes started to water and his breath began to come in quick, panicky gasps.

To anyone else, the look would have seemed a sign that Sean was about to burst into tears, but Devon knew him better and knew the look on his face all too well after recent encounters with the normally cheery boy's autumn allergies. Of course, the sneezing had only been mildly irritating before, as it was something he'd dealt with many times. It was all the hole's fault, Sean decided as he attempted to rub the building tickle out of his flaring nostrils, that hole in his backpack had appeared out of nowhere specifically to make him suffer. If only he could find...

"Hey, did somebody lose this?" a passing student called out, holding out a plastic container of allergy medication he'd found on the floor in the hallway.

Maybe it was the surprise of this question that made him lose his focus or maybe it was simply the relief, but at that moment Sean finally lost the battle with his hopelessly itchy nose.

"Heiiishah! Heichaaah! Heichiew! Heshhehiew HurshhEEIW!" He didn't even have enough time to block the force of the sneezes with a sleeve, so instead opted to aim them at the floor and try his best not to make too much of a mess of himself. Obviously it hadn't worked, seeing as the poor shocked student was frozen in the doorway, gaping at the force and sheer noise of the eruptions. The allergic teen was still sniffling and trying to recover from his fit, so it seemed up to his quiet- and admittedly somewhat amused- friend to speak up on his behalf.

"That means yes." he stated simply and took the medicine before turning back to his still red-nosed friend with a small smile. "Try not to lose it this time."

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While I do like the all-over-the-place feel of drabbles, I'm going to try and put the next few in some actual order. Like a story, but not quite. Wish me luck :)

93- Weather

Devon didn't particularly mind rain. Even so, if he'd had a choice, Devon would have preferred to stay out of the storm he was currently walking in.

Thank God for umbrellas. He thought, grasping his own. And train tickets too.

School had let out for the last day before the long Thanksgiving weekend only hours before. Those hours were spent packing, panicking, grinning, and nearly forgetting everything all because of a train ticket he'd received in the mail, the one that would bring him home for the first time in months.

Rain began to beat down harder on the umbrella, making him wonder if it was such a good idea to take the long route to the train station. He still had plenty of time to catch the train so he hadn't seen anything wrong with- oh, maybe swinging by Sean's street and saying goodbye. Not that he'd really miss him or anything. Not that he really really wanted to see him before leaving. He picked up his pace a little and wondered if it was possible to slap the blush out of his own cheeks.

Upon arriving outside the apartment, Devon saw something that he was certainly not expecting- the dampened figure of Sean Bradley slumped forward on the front steps. The soaked boy's light brown hair dripped over his face, which looked abnormally pale, and upon closer examination the dark-haired boy could see a redness around his eyes and nose.

"Sean?" he asked. Somehow he felt a need to clarify that this sorry sight was indeed his bright-eyed friend.

"Hey, Dev. Happy early Thadksgividg." He hastily rubbed his eyes and nose on his sleeve and forced a grin.

"Yeah..." The sharp-eyed boy was skeptical of his friend's good mood. "Um... I'm actually going home for Thanksgiving, so I won't be around for the next few days." He swallowed nervously. If he'd had a plan of what to say earlier, it was forgotten. "Are you and your dad doing anything this weekend?"

"Actually... Dad left for a busidess trip a little while ago, add I guess he w-wod't be back for... for..." His eyes began to pinch closed as his face twisted into an odd expression. His breath began to hitch almost painfully as rain dripped down the length of his nose. "Uhuh... huhh... hunhh... Hutchff!"

Devon nearly jumped at the sound of the muffled explosion barely contained in one sopping wet sleeve. He couldn't resist scolding his friend a little. "If you're getting sick you shouldn't be out in this weather."

Sean gave a sound that sounded like a cross between a laugh and a cough, followed by a sneeze. "Hetcheh! Hetch! Dot really sick, just cold. Snfff I just sorta felt like gettidg out of that stupid apartmedt, sulkidg a little, you kdow?" He looked up at the sky. "Add it's good sulkidg weather." He was caught off guard when the blue-eyed boy suddenly grabbed his hand and practically dragged him along under his umbrella. "Snff. What're you doidg?"

"I'm going to the train station, and you're going come along, get dry, and see me off." Devon said very matter-of-factly.

Sean chose to go with the flow and began to walk quicker to keep up with his friend's intent pace. He marveled at the fact that anyone's hands could feel so warm.

Was that too long? My mind's kinda going back into story mode. Tell me if I should build on this or just keep the variety pack.

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Don't apologize for length! Personally, I would say do whatever you're inspired to do. I'm sure no one will mind more of your adorable boys either way :) I certainly won't!

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Hello~ Bringing this thread back to life with another pair of oc boys. I got some wonderful feedback on my last story, so I decided to bring back Theo and Reed in drabble form.

Yes, it is more m/m. I just can't stop writing this stuff. ^^;

92- Victory

Characters: Theo and Reed

Reed took a deep breath to calm his nerves and prepare himself. That turned out to be a mistake seeing as his nose and throat were already irritated from the annoying tail end of a cold that he just couldn't shake. He rubbed his nose against his wrist as hard as he could. This was the absolute worst time for his sinuses to act up again, but if he could just keep the tickle under control for another few minutes.

"Hh- hey, Theo." he started shakily. If he'd ever been this nervous in his life, he sure couldn't remember when.

The boy glanced at his friend with patient blue eyes, as if he already knew what was about to happen. "Reed." he acknowledged politely.

"I was wondering- ihh... if y-you... heh... " he trailed off as his nose began to get the better of him. So much for keeping calm.

"Maybe you should sneeze before you keep talking." his friend suggested innocently.

He wanted to protest, to deny the painful awkwardness of this situation, but his cold just wouldn't hear of it. Besides, trying to tell Theo that he wasn't about to sneeze after all the sick days he'd spent with him was a completely useless task.

"Heh... hetshh! Ehhehtch!" He clenched his teeth and clamped a hand over his mouth and nose. "Heshh! I was wond- hheh- wondering... Ekshh! Hesshhehh!" He winced as he felt the spray coat his bare hand. Maybe this was a mistake. Yeah, a huge mistake.

"Bless you." the blonde said once his friend was finished with his fit. "Better be quick, before you start up again." It was just a joke- one of his rare attempts at humor- but at the moment, Reed was far too serious for jokes.

"Willyougooutwithme- Hehchuuh!" The words tumbled out in one quick, shaky breath and were immediately followed by one completely unrestrained sneeze.

There was a pause. "Yes." he stated simply and with a shy smile. "And bless you, by the way."

Yes. He said yes.



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And Dev and Sean are just too cute together. I love the one where he loses his allergy meds :'D I's your official fan.

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Eep! Thank you thank you thank youuuuu~ Feedback makes me so happy!

Here's some more~

64- Unfair

Characters: Theo and Reed

It was unfair. Completely and utterly unfair. After careful planning of everything from the day of their first date to the clothes he would wear, after what felt like hours of beating himself up over every little possible mistake, Reed was about to call Theo and cancel the date he'd been waiting for all week.

Waiting for all week because it was the only completely free day they had, between school and Theo's upcoming track meet. And that was the problem right there. Reed was still getting over his cold, which wouldn't have been a problem except for that itsy bitsy possibility that he was contagious. He would not get his friend- potential boyfriend?- sick just in time for one of the few extra curricular activities he hadn't already given up.

"Hello?" The familiar voice coming through the phone made him squirm. He really didn't want to do this.

"Hey Theo, I... snff... Hptchuh! Ugh, sorry."

"You're still sick." he stated pointedly.

"Heh... yeah, a b- HESHEW! A little bit." he sniffled guiltily.

"Bless you." said Theo. "Are you calling to cancel our date?" The word "date" still sounded foreign to his ears.

Reed wanted to sink into the floor, and that was completely new for him. "... yeah."

"That's... actually very mature of you." Wait, what? "Don't take this the wrong way, but I sort of expected you to show up sick and I would have to make you go home with you complaining about how unfair I was being."

Sometimes it was like that guy could read his mind.

"Don't worry about it though." He could practically hear the smile in his voice. "I've got a plan B"

*Gasp* Cliffhanger drabble. Thanks for reading!

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96- Internet

"Almost as good as a real date?" Theo asked. More specifically, the image of Theo on Reed's computer screen asked.

"Snnf. Almost." he answered with only a slight pout and sniffle. Considering that their first date was now their first "eDate" due to a persistent cold, his attitude could have been much worse.

"How's your cold?"

"I'm fine. Really." he assured. "It would be great if we could at least pretend this was a real date and talk about, you know, date things."

"Oh, okay."

The awkwardness between them was almost tangible. After so long of being just friends, the idea of becoming more than that made flustered Reed beyond belief. He lo- liked- Theo a lot, but this was still pretty new to him. Asking his best friend out had been one thing, trying to make that best friend a boyfriend was another, especially with a stupid cold slowing him down. Speaking of which...

"Ho-hold on... Hhtchh! Heh... hetchnxx!" The stifles did nothing to clear the itch and stuffiness that invaded his nose, but he liked to think they salvaged a bit of his dignity. "Snnrf. 'Scuse mbe."

The blonde's concerned expression betrayed his usual calm demeanor. "Bless you. Do you..." he trailed off, knowing that fussing over his friend in the usual manner would be very "un-date like".

"I'mb finde." He rubbed his eyes and nose tiredly. "Ugh. Wait... one more... HessSHUUH!" It burst out too quickly to be contained and sprayed the computer screen. He blushed vibrantly and tried to wipe the moisture off the computer screen, something that wouldn't have happened on a real date. "God. Sorry about that."

Theo smiled. Had Reed not been occupied with damage control, he would have seen the boy's own cheeks go pink. "Actually, I don't mind this. I don't really know how to do... 'date things', but I know I like spending time with you, even if it's like this."

"Oh." he responded lamely. "I mbeand, I like this too." I like you. "But ndext timbe cand we skip the magic of the indterndet add actually go sombeplace?"

And there was that smile again. That perfect, thin smile that made his blue eyes just light up. "Sure. I owe you one date, internet free."

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