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My boyfriend is allergic to pretty much everything. So he sneezes alot around me. And he knows about my fetish. The bad part: he draws it out as much as possible so he can see the look on my face.

He'll rub under his nose to try and hold it off. And he'll continue to stare at me so that he can see the effect. Right before he sneezes, he gives a quick "here it comes..." before stiffling it. This happens two or three times in a row before he sniffs and gives me an innocent look. I hate and love him so much...

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omg.. how did you tell him your fetish? if I had a boyfriend.. i don't think i could EVER bring myself to that.. even if we got married or something.

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Well, I had no intention of EVER telling him. We had already been dating for three years and I stepped around the topic whenever he brought up sexual things. In my head there was no way he would ever find out that his constant allergies made me happy. But one day when we were just hanging around in a classroom with a couple of people from class he had an allergy attack. It lasted a good minute with me staring at him while he tried to fight it off.

He had no idea why I ravished him later (but honestly he didn't care). He asked me to tell him what I found attractive and sexy and after and hour of trying to dodge it, I finally came out and told him. He laughed at first but said it was the cutest and oddest thing he'd ever heard. And for a while after that he tried to make himself sneeze around me all the time.thumbup1.gif I guess I'm just really lucky to have someone so understanding and loving.

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