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((Hey, ickydog2006, so I don't write slash unfortunately, but I hope I'll do the Reid/Morgan friendship justice. Sorry if this isn't what you wanted, but I'm trying. PM me if you want something different.))

If I Go Crazy Then Will You Still Call Me Superman?


In most cases, Spencer Reid found his version of “doctor” superior to the profession practiced by those who took a vow to do no harm. Understandably, he got far less credit for his studies than those who spent years in medical school despite the comparable, if not exceeding, level of education he held, but he knew he was more intelligent… At least he was more intelligent when it came to the broadness of topics he studied. The one place Reid did fall short, however, was the one place doctors excelled: recognizing and treating sickness.

Perhaps it was because of his mother that he was so inept at taking care of sick people and taking care of himself when he came down with something. People often said you learn by example and her example had been to panic with so much as a sniffle. Never had he had a mother’s gentle touch to sooth him when he was ill as a child. He spent the majority of time hiding his sickness in an effort to keep from upsetting his mother. He’d gotten so good at pretending he was fine that he even believed it sometimes.

He’d woken up in Tucson with a foggy feeling in his brain. Usually a morning person, he couldn’t place just why he felt so hazy as he prepared some coffee (heavy on the sugar as per usual) and ate a bagel. The team was investigating a case in which the unsub bound and tied a man and a woman who were seemingly unrelated together and slit their throats. It was an emotional case for obvious reasons as both the man and woman were each married to different people. It was certainly difficult to tell the victims’ spouses that their partners were bound to each other.

Dressing sluggishly, he tried to shake the sense of fatigue that persisted despite a second cup of coffee. He was supposed to meet the team downstairs right about now but he just couldn’t muster the strength to get ready any faster as he combed his hair, frowning at the dark shadows beneath his eyes and the way his clothing draped from his body. It was times like these he realized just how tough of a time he was having, but he stoically tried to hide it. He already felt weak enough for the addiction problems he’d faced (and was still overcoming); he didn’t need the team to know he still had trouble sleeping without dreaming of the Dilaudid… Or, worse, dreaming of Tobias Hankel.

A sharp knock on the door alerted him of his tardiness and he took a deep breath, buttoning his sweater to try to make it seem like it fit more appropriately.

“Dr. Reid?” It was Hotch’s voice, and he rubbed at his eyes, heavy with exhaustion, before opening the door.

“Sorry, Hotch. I lost track of time,” he said softly, making eye contact briefly before averting his gaze down at his shoes.

Hotch nodded, assessing him with a hawk-like stare before posing a question that made Reid freeze. “Are you alright, Dr. Reid?”

“Fine. Just tired. The hotel bed is too firm,” he explained. “Usually hotels go for a mattress right on the median between firm and soft, because statistically that will be adequate for most guests, but this one made the choice of pleasing the guests who like a firm bed and disappointing the other half of the population. It’s not a good business decision.”

Hotch considered this briefly, his expression still slightly troubled, but he ignored it. Knowing Reid, Hotch would only face hostility if he tried to press the issue further. He knew how important it was to the youngest team member for him to maintain a strong composure at all times.

They walked in an uneasy silence until they reached the SUV. Reid slid in next to Prentiss, pulling a book from his bag to avoid any idle chatter. He wasn’t in the mood to talk. His brain was feeling foggier by the minute and his muscles tingled with fatigue.

“Reid… Reid… Earth to Spencer.”

He realized he had zoned out, still on the same page of the book as when he’d opened it. He also realized Prentiss was trying to get his attention, waving a hand in front of his face.

“What?” he said a little too irritably and he immediately regretted it as he saw Hotch’s eyes fixed on him in the rearview mirror.

“We’re briefing what we already have,” Emily said, her voice just barely betraying the hurt she felt. She’d recently joined the team following Elle’s departure and Reid had been fairly short with her in the past few months.

“Oh, sorry,” he said quietly, closing his book and attempting to listen as they talked about the unusual markings left on the victims and tried to determine what could possibly connect the man and woman.

“Do you have any insights, Dr. Reid?” Hotch asked, snapping him out of his hazy stupor once more.

“Ah… Well, they were both attractive by society’s standards,” he began, frowning at an itch that developed in his nose. “Very fit and healthy…” He looked out the window as if he was thinking, giving his nose a small rub. “Perhaps the unsub envied their good looks?”

Hotch made a thoughtful noise as they pulled up to the police station. “See if the victims frequented any health food stores, any tanning bed salons… Maybe check gyms, too,” he said to Morgan who pulled out his cell phone to call Garcia. “Nice idea, Reid,” Hotch commended, studying him as he smiled and choked out a thanks. Hotch was about to ask what was wrong when Reid opened the door and brought his elbow up to his nose where he subdued a sneeze. Hih’kshh.

“Bless you,” Hotch and JJ chorused, Morgan glancing up and giving him a quizzical look.

“Oh nothing. Reid just sneezed,” Morgan said into the phone, laughing as he called to Reid: “Garcia says ‘bless your little soul’!”

Reid blushed scarlet, stepping out of the car and making his way into the building, fueled by the adrenaline of his embarrassment. He hardly ever sneezed but his nose was still tickly and he suspected he wasn’t done.

He was right in his assumption and over the course of the next hour he sneezed three times, each one blessed by a Hotch who was clearly becoming more suspicious by the second. It was about lunch time when Hotch suggested everyone grab something to eat and be back in 45 minutes, specifically asking Reid to come talk with him beforehand.

“You feeling alright?” he asked as soon as the younger man approached.

Reid was about to reply but a persistent tickle in his nose made him falter. He cursed his bad luck as he tried to answer Hotch. “Fihh’kgtschh. Gnxxxt. Fine,” he said breathlessly after harshly stifling his second sneeze.

Hotch didn’t bless him this time but instead stared at him for what felt like forever before making an executive decision. “Go back to the hotel, Dr. Reid,” he said decisively.

“But I’m fine!” Reid protested, his cheeks reddening as what was meant to be a small sniff turned into a liquid snuffle.

“You’re just a little run down, Reid. It happens to the best of us. Rest on this case so this cold of yours doesn’t turn into pneumonia,” Hotch encouraged, giving Reid’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze before frowning. “And maybe call up some room service. You should eat something.”

Reid’s cheeks reddened further as his boss noticed his rail-thin physique, nodding in shame as he quickly made his way out of the station, grateful that JJ wasn’t around to pester him with mother hen questions.

“Hey! Reid! Wanna do lunch?”

He froze as he heard Morgan’s voice, swiveling to look at him. “I would, Morgan, but I… Hih’knGXTT. KXTTT.

“You’re too busy sneezing?” Morgan supplied as he too studied Reid in a way that made him feel like he was being profiled. “Are you alright, Spence?”

Reid barely had time to nod before he sneezed again, the tickle in his nose having been aggravated by his attempts to subdue it. KnxXGshhh’uh. Feeling the mucus in his nose threatening to drip, he was forced to liquidly sniffle.

“Shit, Spence,” Morgan said in reply. “You sound awful.”

“I’m fine,” he said emphatically, growing annoyed with all the concern he was receiving. It was just a cold. Why did Hotch and now Morgan act as if he were a child incapable of functioning?

“Jeez, sorry,” Morgan joked in reply to Reid’s frustration. “I’m gonna go eat. Want me to bring you anything back?”

Reid instantly shook his head. “No. I can get it myself,” he insisted.

“Did I say you couldn’t?” Morgan replied good-naturedly. “It was just an offer, man. Feel better.”

Despite his continued annoyance, Reid grumbled out a “thanks”, parting ways with Morgan and thankfully making it to his room without anymore run-ins. As he kicked off his shoes, he collapsed on the bed, which was indeed too firm for his liking, but with his exhaustion and budding fever, he fell into a fitful sleep atop his covers.


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D: (<- dun worry, it's not a negative "D:")


Oh my god...

*hugs pillow* Reid~<3 Soo lovely, lovely, lovely.

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((I'll take that as meaning you're okay with this story, ickydog2006? Haha. Glad all of your are enjoying it. I'm having fun writing it. Here's part two! Hopefully I'm getting their dynamic right. I usually don't write Morgan.))

Reid was unsure of whether the pounding he heard was the door or the sound of his pulse in his throbbing head, but as he opened his eyes he decided it was the former.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been asleep for but he certainly felt worse as he struggled to sit up, the room spinning and his body aching in protest.

“Reid? I’m starting to get worried, man!”

He heard Morgan’s voice at the other side of the door and he groaned softly, massaging his temples. He could pull himself together. He needed to.

“Reid. If you don’t open the door in the next 10 seconds, I’m busting it down,” Morgan warned, pounding harder.

At that point, Reid made it to the door, bracing his body against the doorframe as he opened it. “Sorry, Borgad. I did’t hear the door,” he said apologetically, grimacing at both the pounding in his head and the way his voice sounded.

“Christ, Reid,” Morgan exclaimed, stepping in the room without an invitation. “You look and sound like hell.”

“I’b fide,” he tried to lie, swaying slightly as he was overcome with dizziness.

Morgan groaned and set a bag down. “Come on now, boy genius,” he said, wrapping an arm around Reid’s shoulders as he helped him walk back to his bed.

As much as Reid hated feeling so weak, he had little doubt that Morgan’s sturdy presence beside him was the only reason he was still upright. With Morgan’s help, he sank onto the bed, sniffling pathetically as his nose began to run.

“Gross, man, you’re leaking,” Morgan joked, handing a tissue box to the younger man.

Reid wiped at his nose, taking a shaky breath as he felt an itch spread like wildfire. Hih’IGSHHH’uh. IGSSCHU. GSCHHH’uh. “‘Scuse be,” Reid whispered, his throat rubbed raw.

“Bless, man,” Morgan sighed out, watching as Reid shivered, looking a lot smaller than Morgan remembered. Morgan knew how hard this year had been for Reid, but he hadn’t realized just how frail the youngest team member looked. “You’re really sick, huh?”

“Gnod thad bad,” Reid muttered, laying his palms flat against the bed, leaning forward a little and closing his eyes to try to ease the nausea he was feeling.


Reid opened his eyes, looking at Morgan through a feverish fog.

“I’ll give you $50 if you can even stand up right now.” Morgan folded his arms over his chest and watched as Reid attempted to stand up.

He managed to get about halfway up before he collapsed back onto the bed, shaking violently. Morgan wasn’t sure whether Reid’s trembling was from chills or exhaustion, but he immediately regretted the bet. He should have known Reid wouldn’t give up. As Reid went to try to stand up again, Morgan placed a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down.

“I cad do id, Borgad,” Reid said testily, his expression one of pure frustration.

Sometimes Morgan forgot just how much Reid was willing to do in order to prove he was strong like the rest of them. Reid couldn’t be strong now, but he certainly wasn’t expecting him to be. The kid was sick. Morgan understood that.

“Probably, but I don’t feel like being the asshole who makes you.”

Reid accepted that answer, fumbling for a tissue to catch another volley of sneezes. Hih’IzzGshhh. IGshhhh. Hih’gizchhh. IGschhh. “Sorry,” he whispered.

“Not your fault, kid,” Morgan said dismissively. “Gesundheit.”


“How long have you been feeling like this, Spence?” Morgan asked, his voice serious.

“Jusdt a day or two,” Reid murmured. “Id’s nothidg, though.”

“You don’t have to keep denying you’re sick, Reid. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it.”

“Thad magkes gnow sedse,” Reid commented dryly.

Morgan chuckled. “It’s a saying, kid. Point is, you’re sick. Honestly, you should be thrilled. Being sick means you can boss people into doing whatever it is that will make you feel better. Reading you some books on science, putting in a documentary on space, whatever it is you smart people enjoy,” he teased. “Now, I texted Hotch while you were sneezing your brains out—another saying, boy genius—and told him you’re dying of the Plague—don’t even think about correcting me. He told me to take care of you, so here I am, your own personal manservant… At least for today.”

Reid visibly tensed, clearly uncomfortable with this idea. “I’b fide, Borgad,” he once again insisted only to catch a sudden sneeze in his hand. Hih’IGtschh.

“I’d believe you if you could say by gnabe,” Morgan joked. “Come on. Think back to the days when your mom would take care of you. Mine would always make me soup and let me watch cartoons. What about yours?”

If possible, Reid tensed further, staring down at the floor.

“Stop being so low maintenance, kid. I’m here as your slave. Mine as well make the most of it. I’ll be your man-mommy if you’ll tell me what to do.”

He hesitated, speaking slowly and quietly. “I dod’t gnkdnow, Borgad…”

“I find that hard to believe. I think you’re just not comfortable being a kid again and letting me act like your mom.”

Reid rubbed the back of his neck, trying to think about the TV shows he’d seen or books he’d read that would give him something to tell Morgan so that he didn’t sound like a total freak, but with his fever he couldn’t summon anything. He glanced at Morgan, making eye contact for just a moment before averting his gaze in shame. Why couldn’t he come up with anything? He felt pathetic.

It was then that it dawned on Morgan. The kid really didn’t know and Morgan thought to what he knew about Reid’s mom. “Shit, Spence,” he breathed out, looking at the impossibly small man in front of him, who seemed to be so ashamed that he didn’t have a normal mother.

“Sorry, Borgad… I jusdt… She did’t really do well with sigkndess,” he explained in a whisper. “You dod’t have to stay. I cad tagke care of byself… I’b used to id.”

Morgan wasn’t generally a sappy guy. He liked to tease people, but there were situations in which he hadn’t to delve into seriousness and this was one of them. “I have no doubt, Spence. I’m sorry for being an asshole.”

“You wered’t,” Reid said automatically, shaking his head fiercely. It wasn’t Morgan’s fault his childhood was sad by most people’s standards.

“Well, I appreciate that, kid. But I shouldn’t have assumed everyone knows what it feels like to have the sort of mom that takes care of them when they’re sick.”

“It wasd’t heh… heh’NGSHH her fauld,” he murmured, his voice a bit defensive. He didn’t resent his mother for being sick.

Morgan sighed. He’d need to be careful in this territory. He knew Reid loved his mom… Hell, Reid loved most people. He was loyal to the end and Morgan appreciated that about him, but Morgan also felt like Reid deserved maternal presence even if he’d have to suck it up and be that for him. The kid did so much for all of the team. Acting like Mrs. Doubtfire was the least he could do.

After a moment’s thought, Morgan gently tugged the covers out from under Reid who was still shivering. “Okay, Spence, here’s the plan. I’m going to be your mom for today whether you want me to or not, and you’re not going to tell a soul or I’ll tell them you wear footie pajamas. Deal?”

“But I dod’t wear footie pajabas,” Reid said uncertainly, causing Morgan to snort.

“That’s the point, kid.”

“I dod’t ged id…”

Morgan laughed again. “I’ll lie to the team to embarrass you so that you don’t tell them the truth to embarrass me. Make sense?”

Reid hesitated, still uncertain, but he nodded. As much as he hated to admit it, he didn’t want to be alone while he was feeling so rotten.

“I’m glad you’re on board, because I’m probably going to be a pain in your ass,” Morgan joked as he tugged the covers over Reid.

“You could gnever be a paid id by ass, Borgad,” Reid protested automatically.

Morgan grinned, tousling the younger man’s hair. “I appreciate that, kid. Now get some sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.”


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Oh my god your spellings. :heart: :heart: Also this whole situation is so sweet and happy-making!

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omg <3 I never watched this show before but thanks to all the great fanfics about Reid and Hotch, I don't even need to :D this was just so omg <3 I'm sorry I can't speak like a normal human being but it appears that my higher functions aren't working right now

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((here's the next part! thanks for all the nice feedback! oh and for those with emetophobia, be forewarned!))

Reid slept peacefully for a little over two hours and, true to his word, Morgan remained watchful over his young colleague. He sat perched in a chair at the foot of Reid’s bed, his feet propped up as he half-dozed, half-reflected. It wasn’t often he had time to think. Reid’s situation had him thinking about his mom and how he was grateful she was the woman she was. He felt bad for Spence, but he’d never let him know that. Morgan knew Reid wouldn’t take kindly to pity.

Speaking of Reid, he had begun to dream and Morgan watched as Reid went from a dream to a nightmare. He watched for a moment as Reid thrashed under his covers, soft whimpers becoming yowls of panic. While he considered letting Reid sleep through it if only to maintain his sleep, Morgan couldn’t watch as Reid became more and more worked up and as he screamed out “No, Tobias!”, Morgan leapt into action.

“Spencer,” he said, his voice rising in urgency as he shook Spencer’s shoulder. “Spence, wake up!”

Reid awoke with a start, gasping as he clambered to get up before he lurched forward without warning, getting sick on the floor next to where Morgan was standing. Thankfully, Morgan managed to jump away and avoid the vomit, maneuvering so he was poised behind Reid who coughed and heaved again.

“It’s okay, Spence,” he murmured soothingly as Spencer whimpered and lost control for the second time. “You’re okay.”

After fighting another bout of nausea, Spencer seemed to gain control, sinking back against the headboard of the bed. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, covering his face with his hands to hide the tears that had appeared from the strain of being sick and from the nightmare that Morgan knew all too well about. “You can go if you want.”

“As I so often said back in my younger years of hooking up with drunk chicks, it takes a lot more than puke to get me to leave,” Morgan joked. “Don’t worry about it, Spence. You missed my shoes. It’s all good.”

Spencer nodded, letting out a wavering sigh.

“Do you still feel sick?”

Almost as if on cue, Spencer sneezed. Hih’Ightschh’uh.

“Okay, clearly. Do you need the trash can?”

Spencer hesitated, determining whether his nausea was overwhelming or a minor nuisance. Deciding it was somewhere in between, he muttered, “Baybe bridg id close…”

Morgan stood up, retrieving the trash can and setting it next to Reid’s bed. “So are we gonna talk about this, kid?” he asked after a moment, sinking down at the foot of the bed, so he was facing Reid, who looked like a terrified kid.

“I’ll clead id ubb,” Spencer insisted softly.

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” Morgan replied. “The nightmare—is that just because you’re sick or does that happen often?”

“Gnod too ofted,” Reid whispered, his voice meek.

“How often is ‘not too often’, Spence?”

“Baybe two or three tibes a weegk.” His voice was barely audible.

Morgan sighed. Reid was worse than he thought. He felt as if he should have known somehow. Reid had been shrinking in front of them, but the team had an unspoken agreement to keep quiet. After watching the kid give up the drugs, no one thought it was a good idea to continue to press whether he was okay or not, as if they should leave him alone because he was a grown man, but regardless of his age, he was part of the team… He was their friend.

“I’b fide, Borgad…” Reid’s insistent voice broke Morgan’s train of thought, and he looked at Spence… Really looked.

“No. You’re not,” he said finally, his voice flat.

Reid’s expression became frustrated, much like a kid trying to prove to his parents he was grown up, but Morgan wouldn’t be swayed even as Reid tried to guilt him into leaving. “You dod’t thidk I cad tagke care of byself. I cad. Ged oud of by roob.” Reid’s voice was stony, his expression resolved.

“That sentence would be a lot more intimidating if you didn’t sound half dead and if it wasn’t me you were talking to,” Morgan commented.

Spencer opened his mouth to protest only for his breathing to dissolve into coughs. He balled the covers in his left hand as he fought to catch his breath, irritated tears trickling from his eyes. He watched Morgan get up and approach him. As much as Reid wanted to swat his colleague away, as Morgan began gently tapping his back, he relaxed slightly and so did his coughing.

“There’s no shame in needing help, Spence,” Morgan murmured as Reid’s breaths came out as wheezes, but the coughing calmed at least for now.

“I dod’t…” Reid began to protest only for his breathing to pick up again, this time as his nose betrayed him. Hih’NGKT. He tried to stifle the first one, but it caused his throat to burn, and he coughed several times before they dissolved into another set of sneezes. Hih’Ightschhh. Ngtschhh. Gnshh’oo.

“Bless you… You were saying, kid?”

Reid frowned, folding his arms across his chest petulantly. “I’b gnod a child, Borgad. I dod’t ligke you callidg be kid,” he stated.

Morgan paused. He hadn’t considered that, and he frowned, giving Reid’s shoulder a squeeze. “That’s not what I mean by it, Spence, and you know that. If you really want me to stop, I will.”

Reid considered, but he didn’t tell Morgan to stop. Truthfully, he was just being sensitive and he knew it logically, but he hated feeling so vulnerable.

“You should get some sleep. I’ll clean this mess up.”

Glancing down, Reid wrinkled his nose at the evidence of his display of weakness. “Id’s bide… I’ll clead id.”

“Not so fast, mister. I am your mother today and moms always clean up barf. That’s what they do. No ifs, ands or buts!”

He opened his mouth to protest only to once again be cut off by coughs. With Morgan’s light patting and with his calmer state of being, the fit ended quickly.

“If you don’t close your eyes this minute, I’m gonna start singing, man, and it won’t be pretty,” Morgan warned, grinning as he saw Reid crack a smile and close his eyes, turning on his side to go to sleep.

“Hey, Borgad,” Reid began uncertainly as Morgan moved to stand up. “Cad you waid udtil I’b asleeb udtil you ged ubb?”

“Of course, ki—Spence,” he said, stopping himself from calling Reid ‘kid’.

“Kid…” Reid corrected him with a small smile. “I ligke the nigcknabe. I just dod’t wadt you to think I’b weagk.”

“Think you’re weak? Kid, you’ve beat a drug addiction, gotten an obscene amount of doctorates and survived a hostage situation… If anything, I could learn a thing or two from you.”

“You could,” Reid murmured with a smirk.

“Ha, you’re Mr. Vain suddenly, huh?”

“I jusdt bead because of by dogtorades. I gknow a lod.”

Morgan laughed. “That you do, kid,” he agreed.

Reid smiled and nodded again, tensing slightly as he felt Morgan rubbing his back.

“Relax. I’m your mom right now. Remember?”

Slowly, Reid relaxed and soon he fell asleep, feeling completely at peace for the first time since he could remember.


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((the end of this story. hope this is what you had in mind, Ickydog2006, and hopefully everyone enjoyed it! again, there is an emetophobia warning but this incident is not nearly as graphic as the first one.))

It was about an hour later when Reid awoke, sitting up quickly with a hand pressed to his mouth.

Morgan, who had finished cleaning up the other mess and was seated across the room, quickly offered him the trash can as he hunched over it, rubbing Reid’s back gently.

“I think I’m done,” Reid feebly whispered as he sank back into the pillows, his cheeks damp and nose running but for the time being unclogged. “Sorry, Morgan. That was gross.”

“I’ve seen worse,” Morgan dismissed, tying the trash can bag. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to throw this away for you and get some more bags from housekeeping. You gonna be alright while I’m gone?”

Reid nodded tiredly, his eyes already sliding shut.

“Sweet dreams, kid,” Morgan called as he pocketed a key to Reid’s hotel room and went in search of the maid.

Reid slept for another hour and a half without disturbance and Morgan had gone into the bathroom to call Hotch and update him on the kid and check up on the case. He was just about to get off the phone with Hotch when he heard congested sneezes from the bedroom.


Morgan found Reid shivering beneath the covers, a tissue folded over his nose. As he saw Morgan, he looked at him with glassy and dazed eyes. As high as Reid’s fever seemed to be, as Morgan offered him the phone, saying Hotch wanted to talk to him, he had to give the kid some credit. Reid shot up so that he was sitting up, his expression a lot more focused.

“Hey, Hotdch,” Reid mumbled, muffling a few rough coughs in the comforter.

“How are you feeling, Reid?” Hotch asked.


“You don’t sound fine.”

“Id’s nohhhh’GNSHH. KNSHH. Nothidg,” Reid answered, taking a tissue that Morgan supplied and swiping at his nose.

Reid could almost hear Hotch frowning as Hotch blessed him.

“How’s the case goidg?” Reid asked. “Whad cad I do to helb?”

Morgan smirked. Of course Reid would still be offering to help.

“Just rest, Reid. We think we’ve got it figured out. The pattern seems to point to a gym just outside of town that the victims belonged to. Your suggestion about their good looks was very helpful.”

Reid listened, but his nose attempted to distract him to no end, and as Hotch finished speaking, he could feel it building. “I’b huhh glad, Hahhh—Hodtch… Here’s hhhhhh Borgad,” he said quickly, passing the phone off to Morgan without waiting for Hotch’s response.

“Yeah, I’m looking after him,” he said into the phone as Reid took a gasping breath and dissolved into sneezing.


Morgan laughed at something Hotch said, his eyes fixed on Reid as he promised, “Will do. I’ll keep you updated if you let me know how it goes.”

Once he was off the phone, Morgan approached Reid and laid a hand on his forehead, his concern deepening as Reid shivered violently.

“’S cold,” he muttered as he pulled the covers closer around him.

“You’re just hot,” Morgan retorted. “I think I might need to call a doctor.”

Reid shook his head, fighting to open his eyes. “‘Mbb fide,” he insisted.

Morgan sighed and sat down next to Reid. “Okay. No doctor yet, but if your fever doesn’t go down in the next couple of hours, I’m taking you to get checked out. Deal?”

A sleepy nod confirmed the deal and Reid yawned, re-opening his eyes with much effort so that he could watch Morgan to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere.

Morgan, as if reading Spence’s mind, leaned back and relaxed on the side of the bed next to Reid, glancing at him. “Just watching you try to stay awake is exhausting,” he commented, covering his own yawn.

“You cad sleeb,” Reid said quietly, nodding at the spot next to him.

“I might just take you up on that,” Morgan said, shifting until he was comfortable, his arms propped behind his head as he lounged on top of the covers. “Go to sleep, kid, and wake me up if you need anything.”

Reid said nothing and merely closed his eyes, congested snores soon filling the room. They didn’t deter Morgan from getting some shuteye, however, and he drifted off to sleep, as well.

The ringing of his phone shook Morgan awake, and he grabbed it, making his way into the bathroom as he answered. A short conversation later and he exited to sit next to Reid, watching him to make sure he was okay. He watched over Reid for another 15 minutes until an ever-prompt Aaron Hotchner knocked on the door. Morgan let Hotch in, who stood at the foot of the bed and surveyed the young genius.

“He doesn’t look good, Morgan,” Hotch murmured.

“Yeah, I told him if his fever didn’t come down, I’d take him to a doctor, but I think it’s a little lower,” Morgan said in a hushed tone, careful not to wake Reid.

“Well, we’ll watch him on the plane, I guess. At least all of us can be there. I hate to wake him up, though.”

“I’ll do it,” Morgan offered and went over to Reid, kneeling next to him so he was eye level with the kid as he shook his shoulder.

Reid awoke with a start like always, and he panicked momentarily until he met Morgan’s eyes. He then shifted and saw Hotch, scrambling to sit up.

Hotch smiled faintly at Reid’s effort to impress him.

“Whad did I biss?” Reid asked, his voice thick and anxious.

“Nothing, Spencer,” Hotch answered kindly. “We got him thanks to your insight.”

Reid rubbed the sleep from his eyes, trying to ensure that this wasn’t some feverish hallucination. “Really?” he asked incredulously.

“Good work, Dr. Reid,” Hotch said with another smile. “Wheels up in forty-five minutes. I’ll see you on the plane.”

All Reid could do was nod as Hotch left the room. He then looked at Morgan with a small smile.

“See there? You solved a case even when you’re sick as a dog… As I said before, I could learn a thing or two from you,” he said with a wink.

Reid’s smile widened and he struggled to sit all the way up. “We’re going home?” he asked, wanting to verify.

Morgan nodded. “Yeah, as soon as you get your lazy ass out of bed,” he teased.

With Morgan’s help, Reid managed to sit all the way up, the sudden movement seeming to change the pressure in his nose and he took a few hesitant breaths before the urge to sneeze backed off. It wasn’t until he was getting changed and sat on the edge of the bed in nothing but his boxers that the itching returned.


Morgan, who had been facing the wall to give Reid some privacy, chanced a cautious glance as Reid jerked forward, his skinny frame shaking with each outburst.

“Bless you,” Morgan said after ensuring Reid didn’t need help, facing the wall once again.

“Thags,” Reid muttered thickly, pulling a shirt over his head and slowly easing some sweatpants on that Morgan must have bought him from the giftshop. They hung low on his skinny hips, but he pulled the drawstring and managed to secure them. The process of getting dressed, however simple it seemed, was exhausting and Reid panted, fighting the urge to lay down. They had to go.

“Ready?” Morgan asked, turning around and frowning at how pale Reid was. He frowned more as Reid stood up, swayed and crumpled to the ground. Immediately, Morgan was there and he hoisted Reid up and sat him back on the bed. “You can’t walk?” he asked with concern.

“I cad… Jusdt gneed to resdt,” Reid confessed in between pants, winded by the effort.

As Morgan’s phone rang, signaling the SUV was waiting downstairs, Morgan made a split decision and picked Reid up bridal-style.

Reid squirmed for a moment before his exhaustion took over and he leaned his head against Morgan’s chest in defeat.

Morgan refrained from commenting on how light the kid was and instead grabbed Reid’s bag and his own before exiting the hotel room.

The team must have been warned by Hotch not to make too big a deal out of Reid’s condition, because no one said anything, although JJ looked about ready to cry as Morgan set Reid down in the backseat and slid in next to him. As Reid shivered, Morgan wrapped a protective arm around his skinny shoulders and let Reid lean against him, his eyes shut as he remained quiet.

“Is he okay?” JJ mouthed to Morgan, who nodded and smiled as JJ stroked Reid’s back maternally.

“Thad feels good. Thags, JJ,” came Reid’s thick whisper, and he looked at her blearily before returning his head to its spot against Morgan’s chest.

Gideon adjusted the heat in the car, turning it up despite the fact that no one but Reid was cold.

“Spence…” This time it was Prentiss and he opened his eyes as she handed him her water bottle with the cap already unscrewed. He took it with both hands and drank it slowly at first and then with a fervor that caused Morgan to tug the bottle away.

“Easy there. You don’t want to hurl in the SUV,” he warned and Reid nodded.

“Thadk you,” Reid whispered gratefully, surveying everyone in the car.

Hotch’s eyes crinkled in the rearview mirror as he smiled and Morgan looked down at Reid whose eyes were closing again.

“Spencer, I know you don’t always get these sorts of things, so I’m going to make it real clear. You’re part of this team and we all love you, so we’re going to do whatever it takes to make you feel better and that includes force-feeding you cheeseburgers when we land,” Morgan joked about Reid's weight, meeting the kid’s fever-bright eyes and offering a smile that Reid tentatively matched.

“I love you guys, too,” he whispered after a moment, yawning as JJ continued to stroke his back and Morgan kept a protective hold around his shoulders. He felt safe. Loved. And with everyone’s soothing presences, Reid fell into a comfortable sleep, warm with the feeling of belonging.


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