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Woke up with a cold (self, f)


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Hey all,

So, I went to bed feeling fine, and even went to bed earlier than normal. My roommate has been sick for a few days, but was getting better, and my bf was getting over something too....so I guess this was inevitable.

I woke up feeling blah...like the type of feeling when you know you are getting sick but it isn't too distinct yet. You know? For me it is usually a dull, deep, ache in my back or neck. That's what I felt, and I also felt a bit off temperature wise. I have a slight sore throat, some congestion in my nose, and also, my chest feels heavy (unfortunately, almost every time I get a cold, it turns into bronchitis) :(

Anyways, on to the good stuff! I was standing in the middle of the room looking for socks because with my sweatshirt and boxers I still felt cold (despite the warm weather here). My boyfriend woke up and saw me just standing there and was like, "whatcha doing?" To which I replied, "looking for socks." He said "where you going? Why do you need socks?" And at that point I lost my usual tough-girl-I'm fine-no I'm not sick! attitude. Which is unusual because I usually only admit it and pout when I have a fever. I said "I don't feel well!" and got in the bed and cuddled with him. He was like "awwwww" and cuddled me close. Then I got out of bed to get some tea (yerba Mate for the caffeine) because OF COURSE...as always...the first day I actually really have to get stuff done, I get sick. So I need to be up and doing things.

I brought the tea back into the bedroom and put it down and paused. I had felt a burning in my nose earlier, and thought I was going to get a sneeze, but it just became a painful burn deep in my sinuses. I thought to myself, "damnit, if this is one of those colds where you get the teasing burning almost sneezes....I'm gonna be pissed! What will I tell the forum!?" Haha.

So, luckily, when I brought the tea back in I felt a burning, which turned to just the right feeling for a sneeze. My breath hitched, heh-heh- inxggtttch. I stifled because my bf was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him. Then right away I had to sneeze again heehinnggchhttuuu. I tried to stifle but it was really strong. Though, a little part of me hoped my bf heard :) Cause I like being taken care of :-P

Anyways, I will do my best to keep you updated. I hope this is not too detail heavy in places that don't count...I think if you like the caretaking aspect it should be good :)

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Awww I hope you feel better soon or enjoy the cold (whichever you prefer)

But your sneezes sound adorable - bless you!


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Aw, thanks all :) I feel a lot better now! It was quite sneezy for a few days, my boyfriend was commenting that he had hardly heard me sneeze so many back to back!

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