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I Could've Died!


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So, today, we were in English class, and I was discussing how I've decided to count how many times I laugh in a day. (got 75 today lol) I though it'd be funny because I'm ALWAYS laughing. well, one of my friends randomly shouted "You should count your sneezes!" I'm pretty sure I blushed. I was NOT about to admit it, but I already DO count my sneezes! I started this year, and I'll be posting a graph for each month and the at the end of the year for all year. It definetely wasn't the worst situiation, but still pretty awkward.

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Yeah, I hate being caught off-guard like that. xD; At least it worked out fine in the end! Always awkward though.

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That sounds very embarrassing, I'd have hated that to happen when I was at school

You must be made of sterner stuff than me

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